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Testimonial Builder has attracted several auto industry experts in recent months. Their most recent
addition is Philip Zelinger, the President of Ad Agency Online, LLC and equity partner in several next
generation technology based companies.

The recent launch of Testimonial Builder’s video testimonial app in both The App Store and Googleplay has attracted the attention of several new investor partners. The most noteworthy addition to date is Philip Zelinger, a former auto dealer and recognized authority in the automotive advertising industry. As the President of Ad Agency Online, LLC, the host of a Blog Talk Radio Show – The Mentor and a serial entrepreneur involved in several successful start up technology companies Philip has a reputation as the “go to guy” for next generation technology based solutions serving the auto and advertising industries.

Philip is a contributing member of The Board Of Advisors for Testimonial Builder and his participation has attracted a number of his friends in the auto industry to join him. Philip explained his reasons for investing in Testimonial Builder and his support for their unique app designed to facilitate taking and distributing video testimonials for customers at the point of sale. “I have learned to focus on people over product and price and Peter Martin, the Founder and President of Testimonial Builder, is a long time friend and former business partner with Ad Agency Online with his email marketing company Cactus Sky. I share Peter’s vision to provide consumer centric content for auto dealers using social media as a way to put an auto dealer’s customers to work for them. Testimonial Builder is based on the old school wisdom of relying on customer referrals but it takes it to the next level using social media with enhanced SEO benefits not available through conventional online advertising.”

According to Mr. Zelinger there will be three more members joining him on the Testimonial Builder Board Of Advisors over the next few weeks. They provide expertise and established reputations and relationships in the auto industry that promise to compliment Mr. Zelingers’ contributions. In addition, a new investor and Board Of Advisor member will be announced shortly with a focus on the Medical Profession as an expansion of Testimonial Builder’s target market beyond the auto industry.
Peter Martin explained the expansion plans built into the business model of Testimonial Builder. “My
background in the retail auto industry and success with email marketing companies like Cactus Sky justified my initial focus on establishing Testimonial Builder as a solution for auto dealers to capture and distribute customer testimonials. However, Testimonial Builder has a universal value for any industry seeking to leverage their existing customer base using video and social media to extend their marketing messages beyond their own websites and digital advertising. Our recent investor partner is a medical professional who promises to expand our customer base to the medical industry on many levels.”

Testimonial Builder also has plans to expand into Real Estate, Multi Level Marketing Platforms and a
variety of industries in 2018. Negotiations are ongoing with investor partners in each of these fields built on the success of Testimonial Builder in the auto and medical industry.

For additional information visit http://www.TestimonialBuilder.com

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Philip Zelinger will be reviewing a new Artificial Intelligence based research and analytics platform http://dumbstruck.com in today’s interview with Anthony Parente, the Head of Research for Dumbstruck.

Dumbstruck claims to have accumulated the single largest database of consumer information specific to facial recognition and related emotional decisions in the shopping/buying cycle.  They collected this data over several years with their original application that solicited online respondents to focus groups evaluating various advertising and marketing projects for several major companies.

Their next generation offering has applied machine learning algorithms to this collected data allowing for automated analysis of picture and video advertisements without the need for the human focus group.  The efficiencies this presents to evaluate advertising is obvious.  However, their true asset and value may be the fact that they can now license their data to other AI based software solutions.

About Dumbstruck:

More than $540 billion will be spent on advertising in 2017, but $270 billion of it will be wasted on highly ineffective ads.  Founded in 2013 by Data Science PhDs and Software Engineers, Dumbstruck is an artificial intelligence platform that uses emotion analysis and machine learning to accurately predict the effectiveness of an advertisement BEFORE it is launched.

Dumbstruck has worked with some of the largest media companies and advertising agencies in the world including Omnicom, NBC, Warner Bros, Lionsgate, and iHeartMedia. In addition, Dumbstruck has been recognized by Digiday as the Best Content Marketing Tech Platform and by Omnicom as one of the Best New Advertising Technologies.

In the coming years, Dumbstruck will continue to bring the predictive power of emotion to advertisers across the world. In addition, we will expand our predictive capabilities to include additional solutions for the healthcare, education, and automotive industries

About Anthony Parente

As the Head of Research at Dumbstruck, Anthony has analyzed hundreds of thousands of emotional responses to advertisements (making him one of the foremost emotional analysis experts in the world). In this role, Anthony has also developed a proprietary system for analyzing advertisements which is at the core of Dumbstruck’s AI-powered predictive analytics engine.

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Philip Zelinger, the President of Ad Agency Online, LLC and host of The Mentor, will discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of trade shows labeled as conferences and expos.  He chose the upcoming Digital Dealer Conference & Expo 19 hosted in Las Vegas October 5th – 7th 2015 as an example of one of the good ones while advising who should exhibit, attend and why.

Digital Dealer Conference & Expo is the largest and most progressive digital automotive event in the United States with digital tools, education and peer contacts the automotive industry needs to solve problems, grow sales, increase customer retention and boost profits.  The shows’ host claims that by attending this 3-day conference and expo, you’ll have the industry’s most innovative speakers and digital technology experts to help you build the actionable, game-changing strategies and tactics you want for every department in your dealership.

Philip agrees while referencing some of the Keynote Speakers that include Peter Leto – Retail Sales Strategist for Google Automotive, Trace Przybylowicz – Client Partner for Facebook Autos and Jeremy Anspach – CEO & Co-Founder of PureCars. According to the events’ coordinator, “By attending the Digital Dealer Conference & Expo, you’ll have the industry’s most innovative speakers and digital technology experts to help you build the actionable, game-changing strategies and tactics you want for every department in your dealership.

Philip summarized his position on conferences like The Digital Dealer Conference & Expo by describing them as real world versions of Social Media and Marketing and attendees should manage their expectations.  According to Philip, “Online networking should have a real world component.  Putting a face to social media contacts is a great way to preserve long time relationships. After all, what are friends and conferences for!”

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The inaugural broadcast of a new Podcast on Blog Talk Radio – The Mentor – aired on Monday, September 21st. 2015.  The show was hosted by Philip Zelinger, the President of Ad Agency Online, LLC.  It was the first in a series – The Mentor Forum – that will feature successful business people and entrepreneurs willing to share their secrets for success as well as stories of their failures with anyone willing to listen and learn from their experiences.

The first show laid the groundwork for the series without the need for a guest as Philip shared his own objectives in hosting the show and how he arrived at The Mentor as the title.  “My career in the retail auto industry as a General Manager, Executive Dealer and Dealer Principal led me to my role in the advertising industry and my investments in technology based vendors supporting the auto industry. My more recent focus on software as a solution to subsidize and in some cases replace brick and mortar businesses beyond automotive motivated me to host The Mentor as a way for me to pay it forward to other business people and next generation entrepreneurs.”

Philip shared some of his fundamental business concepts during the show that contributed to his personal branding line of “What are friends for!”  He defined a Mentor as someone willing to share with no personal agenda and the perfect partner as someone who places their partner’s interests over their own.  Philip credited some admitted business failures to partners who didn’t reciprocate.  Although, he claims that he wouldn’t have changed his position to focus on his partners needs first since his 37 year marriage to his wife Mary Ann was based on that concept.

The show ended with an offer for successful business thought leaders to join him in future shows as a featured guest along with an invitation for The Mentor(s) to help business owners bring their vision to the world.  Listeners were invited to Contact Philip Zelinger at AdAgencyOnline.Net or email him at pzads@bellsouth.net for a confidential discussion.  To quote Philip, “After all, what are friends and Mentors for!”

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The PSHQ Entrepreneur scheduled for September 01st 2015 at 2:00 PM EST features an interview by Scott Davis and Philip Zelinger with Ryan Acterhoff, the Chief Administrative Officer of Pizza Ranch. Read the rest of this entry »

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