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ProblemSolutionHQ, (PSHQ) is looking for a Social Media/Marketing Partner on their Blog Talk Radio show, “The PSHQ Entrepreneur.”  Jake Davis and Philip Zelinger had an informative discussion with Laurie Hurley that is worth downloading to learn some of the discussed best practices for launching a new business using Social Media.

Laurie Hurley is the CEO of The Social Networking Navigator, a full-service social media marketing company. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs and start-ups overcome the overwhelm, anxiety, and confusion of successfully having an online and digital presence.

Having been in Corporate America for over 20 years, combined with her experience as a serial entrepreneur since the late 1990’s, Laurie has the right combination of skills, expertise, and passion for all things social.

Today’s show focuses on how entrepreneurs and startups who are launching a new idea, app, product, or service can use social media effectively, without getting sucked into the vacuum of the online universe.

Questions Laurie will address about the PSHQ Launch:

  • How does social media play into a successful launch?
  • What online marketing advice would you give a budding entrepreneur that sees a problem, creates a solution, and wants to tell the world about it?
  • With so many social sites out there, how does a company decide where to be online – isn’t that kind of time-consuming?
  • One of our favorite things to say is: “Work ON your business, not IN it!” What are your recommendations to really achieve this – it sounds good, but seems like it would be difficult. Can you give us three solid suggestions related to this?
  • What is your philosophy about selling online? Is it appropriate, expected, necessary, i.e. is social media the perfect place to pitch one’s product or service?
  • Finally, as you know, PSHQ will be catering to recent college graduates and truly believes in “paying it forward.” How can our presence on social media support our philosophy?

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ProblemSolutionHQ is conducting open interviews for a Social Media/Marketing partner hosted by Scott Davis and Philip Zelinger on their blog talk radio show “The PSHQ Entrepreneur”.  Their on air discussion with Tyler Feller introduced some best practices in launching new software solutions for business that is worth a listen.

PSHQ Entrepreneur 2

About Tyler Feller

Tyler Feller is a 20-something from Nashville, TN with a mind for business and a heart for people.  After working in fast growing, non-profits he began to use his knowledge on sustainable growth to help others and build a steady secondary income by managing social media accounts. An undergraduate education in Public Relations and graduate education in Business serve as a great foundation to strong principles in an ever-changing world. Recently, his side hustle turned into a full-time, national level business.

The Fuel Group started in the Summer of 2015 as a full service Public Relations with an office in Nashville, TN.  They create strategy, design amazing digital products that create conversation and provide success for their clients.  Tyler serves as the Chief Strategist with incredibly talented employees in Missouri, Texas, Tennessee and Brazil.  Their client list contains artists, speakers, technology startups and international non-profits that have been featured on Oprah, Good Morning America, Buzzed, Huffington Post and many others!

Tyler’s Comments About ProblemSolutionHQ, (PSHQ)

There is an attraction to PSHQ that stems from an excitement to be a part of something to help build strong networks of entrepreneurs from across the country.  As the next generation of leaders rise up, PSHQ is strategically being positioned to provide a much needed service as thought leaders and mentors. The Fuel Group is excited at the chance on embarking on this journey and growing in the process.

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PSHQ Entrepreneur 2

ProblemSolutionHQ is conducting open interviews for potential Social Media/Marketing partners on their sponsored blog talk radio show, “The PSHQ Entrepreneur”.  Scott Davis and Philip Zelinger co-hosted an interview with Lori Axler which provided some great insights in Social Marketing and best practices for launching new software products using social media.

About Lori Axler

Lori Axler is a digital marketing consultant with 20 years of experience specializing in product innovation, strategic development and planning, advertising, and market research. She has spent her career working for Fortune 500 brands at both Manhattan advertising agencies as well as a marketing executive in-house for Ogilvy & Mather, HAVAS Worldwide/Euro RSCG, GlaxoSmithKline, DHL Express, Pulte Homes, U.S. Olympic Committee, and Major League Baseball.

She now works as an independent consultant at Brand You LLC, offering an insightful perspective from working on both client and agency sides of the business ( Lori has also developed Sunshine State of Mind, a helpful resource site customized for Baby Boomers who live and play part-time or full-time in South Florida at

Discussion on recommendations to launch PSHQ:

I left the corporate world of Fortune 500s in return for more rewarding opportunities helping small businesses succeed in launching new products, building brand awareness, and generating sales. I provide clients with agency-level marketing support without the costs and bureaucracies that accompany many agency relationships. As a small business owner myself who provides marketing solutions to small business entrepreneurs, it is very exciting to learn about a new product line that can serve as THE go-to stop for all of their integrated software solutions. I see many small business owners challenged with day-to-day inventory and equipment tracking. They also struggle with scheduling conflicts among their staff, and spend extensive amounts of time learning software programs that only solve one of their business management issues. A complete integrated solution customized to specific industry needs and developed exclusively by experts within those related fields is quite revolutionary for the small business world.

This new product line needs to be introduced with an education message that communicates the products’ end benefits, and showcases the software as accessible, user-friendly, and affordable. The consumer mindset needs to shift to understand that this new line of innovative products is something they need to take a proactive role in the growth and success of their business. Read the rest of this entry »

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Automotive Advertising Experts Discuss iDrove.IT With Ron Morrison

iDrove.IT VDP with Dynamic Market Pricing

The Automotive Advertising Experts show is hosted by Philip Zelinger, the President of Ad Agency Online. 

Philip will be joined by Ron Morrison, the President of iDrove.IT, on Friday, September 12th 2014 at 12 Noon EST to discuss their new consumer centric marketing platform and enhanced inventory module, (VDP),  with Dynamic Market Pricing.  

The iDrove.IT enhanced inventory module is a plug and play Vehicle Display Page, (VDP), that leverages transparency and better user experiences for website visitors. It provides the most favorable impression of your new and used inventory as well as your dealership while answering more of your visitor’s questions to keep them on your site longer and help them make a buying decision.

It includes all that you would expect from a VDP marketing platform but with a more integrated strategy of leveraging 3rd party content including:

  • Manufacturer information,
  • Edmunds,
  • dynamic reviews,
  • dynamic market pricing,
  • virtual “word of mouth” referrals.

The most unique feature/benefit of iDrove.IT is their use of “Dynamic Market Pricing” to insure that a dealer’s inventory is always competitively priced and presented.  Philip and Ron will discuss this next generation marketing tool and its impact on the way that consumers will shop for a vehicle online in the future.

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Cedar Falls, IA,;  Team Toyota was featured in the cover story of the June 2014 Edition of AutoSuccess Magazine titled, “Winning The Loyalty Game! The Retention Strategy That Added $3 Million To Team Toyota’s Bottom Line.”

Paul Muller’s Team Toyota Auto Group includes Team Toyota Princeton, Team Toyota Langhorne and Team Toyota Glen Mills. All three of these highly respected operations have collectively received 70 Toyota Excellence Awards for outstanding performance in sales, service, parts and customer relations and they all credit Driving Loyalty for contributing to their shared success.

Kevin Stroble, The GM of Team Toyota, confirmed his support of Driving Loyalty and their comprehensive customer loyalty program, “All three of our stores use the same partner to automate loyalty-related marketing activities because they give us the flexibility to experiment with our bricks and mortar processes without sacrificing the quality or consistency of the marketing going out to our customers. This is important because it means that our results don’t dry up when we have turnover or someone has an off month. We set our parameters and profit requirements and they take care of all of the behind-the-scenes activities. Kevin credits his dealership’s recent success on a simple formula, “The key to our success was eliminating points of failure. We focused on doing what we do well and automated the things our people didn’t do or didn’t do well.”

Scott Davis, the President and Founder of Driving Loyalty, explained the unique value added services that his solution contributed to Team Toyota, “The heart of the Driving Loyalty marketing platform is “The Undeniable Offer.” We deliver these undeniable offers every month to qualifying customers that are designed to educate the customer as well as encourage them to engage with the dealership. Every statement compares the customer’s current vehicle against a newer vehicle with little or no money down. Giving customers real payment options on real vehicles increases engagement because it creates questions that only the dealership can answer. The customer feels like they are making an educated decision and the dealership gets to earn the customer’s business while earning a reasonable profit. It’s a great win-win.”

In addition to providing retention related marketing campaigns Driving Loyalty provides Team Toyota with real-time dashboards and closing tools to keep everyone on the same page when the customer visits the dealership. All marketing activities to the customer are easily accessed along with advance notice of any planned customer visits for sales or service. This link between sales and service has proven to be an invaluable tool that has greatly enhanced profitability for Team Toyota in both sales and fixed operations.

About Driving Loyalty, LLC: Driving Loyalty has been operating out of their facilities in Cedar Falls, Iowa since. 2003. They started as a family owned operation but several industry savvy investor partners have joined the company supporting their expansion and shift to the more comprehensive solution they currently provide. Their automated database marketing platform is powered by proprietary software and algorithms that have proven successful for over 200 auto dealers. Driving Loyalty has been selected as “One of The Top Ten Companies To Watch” by AutoSuccess magazine for three years in a row.


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