PSHQ Entrepreneur 2

The PSHQ Entrepreneur scheduled for September 01st 2015 at 2:00 PM EST features an interview by Scott Davis and Philip Zelinger with Ryan Acterhoff, the Chief Administrative Officer of Pizza Ranch.


In his role as chief administrative officer since January, 2009, Ryan ensures Pizza Ranch has a sound operating environment by managing its compliance with key legal requirements as well as the development and implementation of best practices.

Ryan joined Pizza ranch, Inc. in February, 2002, as the vice president of operations.  He received a B.A. degree in Business/Economics from Northwestern College, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of South Dakota and a Graduate Degree in Banking from the Stonier School of Banking at Georgetown University.  His past work experience includes 14 years in Sales & Marketing Management for K-Products, a major promotional apparel manufacturer, and 5 years in bank management and commercial lending for Iowa State Bank, an Iowa banking institution.

Ryan’s background and expertise in both the areas of finance and marketing has allowed him to contribute in various ways at both a corporate and restaurant level. In September of 2009 Ryan joined forces with an existing Pizza Ranch franchisee and purchased an existing Pizza Ranch in Stewartville, MN.  That same year they purchased land and built a new Pizza Ranch in Mankato, which opened in February of 2010.  In July of 2011 they opened their 3rd location, a remodeled leasehold space in Austin, MN, and in February of 2014 they opened their 4th location in Loveland, CO.  Currently their 5th Pizza Ranch location is under construction in Norfolk, NE with an anticipated opening in November of 2015.

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PSHQ Entrepreneur Blog Talk 3

The Host of today’s show, Scott Davis, will interview Adrie Groeneweg, the Founder and President of Pizza Ranch.

Adrie founded Pizza Ranch as a family and community focused restaurant with a small staff.  It has since grown into a chain of 193 restaurants employing over six thousand people nationwide.

Adrie has been happily married for 30 years with four children to show for it!  He recently hosted all franchisees at the chain’s annual meeting in Wisconsin Dells. Scott Davis– who was in attendance as a successful owner/operator of several Pizza Ranch Restaurants – felt compelled to share his story with the audience of The PSHQ Entrepreneur.

Additional lore about Pizza Ranch can be found at

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PSHQ Entrepreneur Blog Talk 3

The PSHQ Entrepreneur scheduled for August 12th. 2015 at 12 Noon EST features Co-Hosts Jake Davis and Philip Zelinger interviewing Peter Sperry, the founder of Redpoint Rack, LLC and Co-Founder and visionary behind ProblemSolutionHQ

Peter Sperry describes himself as the Owner and Chief Cook and Bottle Washer at the software company he founded, Redpoint Rack LLC, based out of Hugo, MN.  His self-assigned job description varies with the day, but includes software development, testing, and customer service. Although he confided that his young children define his job as “being on the phone.”

Redpoint Rack’s branding line is “Software development meets real life.” They launched 8 software application products in 2015 that targeted real world business problems with efficient technology based solutions. Redpoint Rack spent the last decade working with start-ups and companies and they developed an approach that blends the fast and responsive software development life cycle with proven and robust methodologies.

His newest venture with Scott Davis and partners, ProblemSolutionHQ, follows a similar logic with a branding line “Paying it forward one business at a time.”  PSHQ is a software company developing “Apps” designed to surface and solve universal business problems.  Their initial product launch includes, My Time To Work, Track My Assets, CallTracker and their most robust platform PSHQ Commerce.

Jake and Philip will ask Peter to describe each of these groundbreaking business platforms.  Peter will also share his secrets for success for entrepreneurs anxious to follow in his footsteps.

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PSHQ Entrepreneur 2


Today’s PSHQ Entrepreneur features an interview by its Hosts, Scott Davis and Philip Zelinger, with Mike Middendorp, a successful multi-unit Pizza Ranch Owner/Operator.

Mike started his career as a Pastry Chef with little more than his culinary skills and personal drive to succeed.  He joined Pizza Ranch as the Manager of a restaurant in LeMars, Iowa that he eventually purchased.

Mike was later joined by his brother Matt who took over the LeMars facility freeing up Mike to acquire a second Pizza ranch in Clinton, Iowa.  The brothers turned the failed Clinton location into a successful operation through their hard work.

The successful duo eventually sold their LeMars location and opened a new facility in Bettendorf, Iowa with continued success in both their Clinton and Bettendorf locations.  Mike proudly takes care of operations and supervises all managers and employees while maintaining profitable standards and systems earning the Franchisee of the year in 2009 and Food Quality Awards in 2013 and 2014

Mike answered several questions posed by Scott during the interview along with sharing some of the stories that lead to his success.  More importantly, Mike told the audience how they can succeed too!

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PSHQ Entrepreneur 2


ProblemSolutionHQ, (PSHQ) is looking for a Social Media/Marketing Partner on their Blog Talk Radio show, “The PSHQ Entrepreneur.”  Jake Davis and Philip Zelinger had an informative discussion with Laurie Hurley that is worth downloading to learn some of the discussed best practices for launching a new business using Social Media.

Laurie Hurley is the CEO of The Social Networking Navigator, a full-service social media marketing company. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs and start-ups overcome the overwhelm, anxiety, and confusion of successfully having an online and digital presence.

Having been in Corporate America for over 20 years, combined with her experience as a serial entrepreneur since the late 1990’s, Laurie has the right combination of skills, expertise, and passion for all things social.

Today’s show focuses on how entrepreneurs and startups who are launching a new idea, app, product, or service can use social media effectively, without getting sucked into the vacuum of the online universe.

Questions Laurie will address about the PSHQ Launch:

  • How does social media play into a successful launch?
  • What online marketing advice would you give a budding entrepreneur that sees a problem, creates a solution, and wants to tell the world about it?
  • With so many social sites out there, how does a company decide where to be online – isn’t that kind of time-consuming?
  • One of our favorite things to say is: “Work ON your business, not IN it!” What are your recommendations to really achieve this – it sounds good, but seems like it would be difficult. Can you give us three solid suggestions related to this?
  • What is your philosophy about selling online? Is it appropriate, expected, necessary, i.e. is social media the perfect place to pitch one’s product or service?
  • Finally, as you know, PSHQ will be catering to recent college graduates and truly believes in “paying it forward.” How can our presence on social media support our philosophy?

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