Philip Zelinger, President of Ad Agency Online, L.L.C. was challenged recently to justify his excitement over adding Gumiyo as the approved mobile marketing vendor on their FREE automotive advertising and auto industry targeted portal.

The questions he was asked, and the answers he provided, proved his point – “Gumiyo is crafting the future of automotive advertising. The mobile websites that it fuels are taking the internet and websites of today into hyper-drive!” replied Mr. Zelinger.

The questions asked regarding automotive advertising, and his answers specific to the auto industry were:

1) “Hype or a necessity?” – Do you think dealerships should adopt a mobile marketing strategy and showcase their inventory on mobile phones? If so why?

I love it when a question has such an obvious answer. Conventional automotive advertising wisdom suggests maximum reach, frequency and consistancy of a message across all channels and the mobile channel is the newest, most directed and cost effective of the bunch! The obvious answer is – Yes – if it is with Gumiyo!

2) Given the capabilities of a mobile phone (GPS, messaging, etc), how do you see mobile phone serving buyers and sellers?

Besides the real time “urgency” attached with any sale that is satisfied with an instant message tied to a desired product, customer’s are hesitant to break through the digital barrier and become confronted by a “car salesman.” The two way communication conducted on a cell phone is already part of our modern culture and, while they have the phone in their hand they might as well reply. More specifically, they are more likely to do so than if isolated by a PC screen or a flock of salespeople blocking the showroom entrance! Again, if it is Gumiyo driven – it will work!

3) If you were looking to adopt a mobile marketing solution, what would be your decision factors (cost, time, ROI, # leads etc.)?

Yes to all of the listed items – with ROI being first. Any equation that results in an enhanced ROI will correctly factor in risk to reward and resources invested vs. return. Cost is irrelavant if it provides an acceptable multiple in return and the efficiencies associated with the mobile channel assure that human resources will be less taxed than any other means of communication to process the contact and sale. As for the number of the leads, any performance based fee will work with the potential volume only limited by the frequency and reach of the message across multiple channels; including the one developed by Gumiyo.

4) What lessons have you learned from having a web site and how do you see these lessons apply to a mobile web site?

Less is more – timing is everything and conversion rates determine closing ratios and profits. Mobile websites reduce wasted content and target the product and price -timing is INSTANT and the conversion rates are higher given the convenience of the reply. Yes, Gumiyo is still the answer.

For additional insight into Gumiyo and integrating the mobile world into the virtual and real one as part of your automotive advertising budget visit AdAgencyOnline.Net BlogTalkRadio and listen – learn and prosper!

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