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WHO is Ad Agency Online?

  • A network of senior level business executives, advertising professionals and vendor partners with experience at some of the largest Advertising Agencies and most profitable retail business operations and technology vendors in the country.
  • We provide go to market strategies and business plans for business focused vendors as well as turnkey solutions for business owners seeking to improve their sales processes and maximize the R.O.I. on their advertising investments.
  • We specialize in integrating real world processes with technology driven vendor applications.
  • Our independent affiliated Vendor Partners and Advertising Agencies rely on us as “The Ultimate Outsourcing Tool” providing best in class solutions to accelerate time to market, develop barriers to entry for the competition, insure market dominance and maximize profits.

More about Our Staff.

WHAT is Ad Agency Online?

  • We are a full service advertising agency offering leveraged resources and business consultation services for next generation technology driven vendors and their clients.
  • Our vendor partners contribute proprietary complimentary solutions to enhance their respective offerings while building a more comprehensive platform to increase the barriers to entry for the competition.

We provide the following products and services:

  • ACCOUNT SERVICES anchored by experienced executives
  • CREATIVE with clarity of message and a call to action
  • PRODUCTION using state of the art digital effects in diverse media
  • MEDIA analysis and placement across multiple channels
  • INTERNET MARKETING consultations on Web Design, S.E.O. and S.E.M.
  • MARKET/INDUSTRY INFO to accelerate time to market
  • DIRECT MAIL and EMAIL EVENTS to maximize market penetration
  • DATA MANAGEMENT / SALES TRAINING  through key vendor relationships
  • VENDOR SERVICES featured on our Business And Advertising Resource Portal

WHY hire Ad Agency Online?

  • We offer superior advertising and consultation services sourced from our network of entrepreneurs and industry insiders.
  • We provide our vendor partners with;
  • a comprehensive market analysis,
  • business plan/pro-forma,
  • P&L review,
  • facility/staff evaluations,
  • competitive product reviews
  • and a “go-to-market” strategy to accelerate time to market, develop barriers to entry and insure market dominance.

HOW does Ad Agency Online save me money?

Production or Account Services can be ordered A-LA-CARTE or packaged into a Full Service Retainer.

Sample Savings
Other agencies charge as much as a 15% commission plus excessive production fees. A client with a monthly advertising budget of $50,000 invested in T.V. and Radio would pay them $7,500 PLUS PRODUCTION which would total to +/- $10,000. Our Basic retainer for affiliated agencies is only $2,499 plus our custom market analysis and media placement is available for as little as an additional $1,500. Our clients pay as little as $2,499 compared to $10,000. That’s a savings of +/- $7,500 per month, or 75%.
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