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Shrinking auto sales, profit margins and automotive advertising budgets have forced automotive advertising agencies to shift their investments from conventional radio, T.V. and print media to the internet and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and too many more to list.  Unfortunately, conventional automotive advertising wisdoms don’t always apply on the Internet Super Highway.  As a result, automotive advertising agencies are struggling to find out not only what works, but how they can prove it to their auto dealer clients who are demanding a verifiable short term R.O.I. for every dollar in today’s struggling economy.  Philip Zelinger, the President of Ad Agency Online, L.L.C. and the host of the automotive advertising resource / networking portal AdAgencyOnline.Net, is directing automotive advertising agencies to promote people over product or price using social media to produce quantifiable and qualified results.

Relationship based selling systems and marketing messages have always been part of the plan for auto dealers in their brick and mortar facilities and it has been carried over to their new online virtual showrooms. However, the assumption that people and personality serve only to build brand awareness or to enhance the retail message vs. replacing it is a dated concept that must be adjusted to fit the demands of today’s empowered customers.  Auto dealer’s self serving retail messages delivered by their automotive advertising agencies — regardless of the media — is no longer perceived as relevant or transparent to online shoppers who prefer to ask their friends and/or trusted third party resources for information they need to make a buying decision.

Digital marketing techniques and priorities established by automotive advertising agencies — such as focusing on Search Engine Optimization, (S.E.O.), Search Engine Marketing, (S.E.M.) and various other manipulations of the algorithms that determine page positions for the online search engines — are no longer the best and/or the only way to deliver a call to action to potential customers.  The newest opportunity for automotive advertising agencies to deliver a message that will sell new and/or pre-owned vehicles as well as service and/or parts is to have their past, present and pending customers do it for them.

Initial attempts to transfer hard retail advertising using conventional media and even digital marketing on the WWW using auto dealer websites or dealer centric third party automotive advertising platforms were not received well by the typical online shopper who traveled onto the Internet Super Highway to avoid car dealers and fast talking car salespeople.  Today’s empowered customers prefer customer centric messages sourced from likeminded consumers sharing their shopping/buying experiences before, during and after their purchases. 

Auto dealers who marketed directly to these social networking communities were seen as wolves in sheep’s clothing as they attempted to sell their products and services from the outside in vs. from the inside out.  Automotive advertising agencies were also challenged by their inability to quantify the short term R.O.I. from their efforts to justify their fees. 

Philip Zelinger discussed some of the new technologies and applications being applied to social media that allow automotive advertising agencies to prove the R.O.I. for social media on his blog talk radio show Lunch With Phil Discussing Automotive Advertising.  The show is an open business meeting featured on the blog talk radio station WAAOL, All Automotive Advertising News All The time that is hosted on 

Philip commented on the subject with some suggested resources that automotive advertising agencies can turn to for best practices in social media and accumulating R.O.I. analytics. “Automotive advertising agencies first and best resource is to listen, learn and apply the best practices associated with social media and social networking offered on automotive advertising resource portals including AutomotiveDigitalMarketing.Com, InternetSalesManager.Org, DrivingSales.Com, DealerElite.Net, Autr.Com, AskPatty.Com , ScottMonty.Com and networks of networkers such as Auto Industry Insiders featured on my own AdAgencyOnline,.net.   I also suggest that automotive advertising agencies continue their education in real world venues like The 9th Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition scheduled Oct. 12-14th, 2010 at The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. Many of my affiliated automotive advertising agencies and auto dealer/vendor clients will be hosting sessions there on leveraging social media including mine: C2C + B2B – B2C SQUARED; Learn How This New Social Media Formula Provides New Revenues, New Efficiencies And Greater Profits.”

“As far as leveraging limited resources to promote people over product and price one solution that comes to mind is a vendor client of mine — DealerMouth.  They offer auto dealers a master website that allows them to manage and monitor individual sites for each of their sales people and service writers. The sales people can promote themselves to their own spheres of influence in both the virtual world of Facebook and Twitter and the real world at the dealership by directing them to their personal website as a form of online “Why Buy Here Book” or as a personal blog like forum to talk about life.  More uniquely, the dealer can make sure that their staff is using their online time in a productive manner vs. planning their vacations on company time by using the built in moderator functions to monitor content and online activities during business hours.  The individual sites hosted on DealerMouth are internally linked to the dealer’s online resources so it provides salespeople and service writers with a seamless transition to information they need during or after hours to sell a vehicle or service to a friend when the conversation warrants it.” Read the rest of this entry »

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AdAgencyOnline.Net is an automotive advertising resource / networking portal with an earned reputation as “The one stop site for all of your automotive advertising news and needs.”  SiSTeR Technologies is a preferred automotive advertising vendor on AdAgencyOnline.Net.  Philip Zelinger, the President of Ad Agency Online, L.L.C. and the host of the blog talk radio station featured on AdAgencyOnline.Net — WAAOL, All Automotive Advertising News All The Time, introduced ecarlist as an approved reseller for SiSTeR Technologies during his Lunch With Phil Discussing Automotive Advertising show.

SiSTeR pioneered the automated Video Walk A-Round industry in 2006 before the search engines and auto dealers recognized the preference by consumers for video when surfing the web to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle.  Philip described SiSTeR Technologies as “The most dedicated, innovative and progressive provider of video for the auto industry that I have ever reviewed for my online audience of automotive advertising decision makers.  SiSTeR produces comprehensive video analytical reports and has demonstrated that auto dealers using its video applications enjoy increased conversion rates, more calls and lead submission exceeding 70%.”

SiSTeR uses proprietary technology that creates an individual Video Walk A-Round for every vehicle in the dealers’ inventory using existing pictures, data and text.  The production process is fully automated without placing any burden on the dealer.  One of the most valued and unique features of their process is that every vehicle is described using a  real human voice and the music and style of presentation are customized to fit the vehicle’s category.

Potential car buyers are served by the video clips presented through SiSTer’s proprietary 3DF player that is integrated with most web site providers and all of the major industry portals. Thanks to their 3DF technology, SiSTeR provides the auto dealer with valuable information to quantify their R.O.I. including vehicle comparisons and user behavior when they interact with the video.

Of equal importance to the auto dealer is the fact that the video clips are also uploaded to You Tube and indexed by Google.  SiSTeR pioneered the video search engine in early 2008 as the first video provider for the automotive industry that integrated with You Tube. Today, vSEO has become an industry standard as suggested in a recent article by Karen Bradley, a trainer and dealer consultant for Dealer Synergy and one of the few auto industry trainers certified to teach the Franklin Covey, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Course.

According to Israel Alpert, the C.E.O. of SiSTeR Technologies, “Many providers are trying to follow but none of them has the depth of expertise and experience that is required to achieve top position on Google’s search result.  We just introduced VidBrid  – a revolutionary technology that merges the vehicle presentation and the dealers’ branding with full motion video inserts that are perfectly synchronized with the voice over.  Our productions are not just boring picture stitching or infomercials that turn the audience away.  Our VidBrid technology not only captures the user’s attention but it allows the dealer and the service provider to customize the production to fit every vehicle and style as well as to include the dealers’ messaging, services and special offerings within the video production.  Differentiation is the key to successful marketing and SiSTeR has taken that wisdom to the next level.  Auto dealers are no longer limited to the same cookie-cutter, one production fits all video to market their vehicles and their auto dealerships.”

SiSTeR has developed a national network of distinguished resellers, service providers and promoters which now includes ecarlist.  Their expanding group of respected channel partners can point to direct engagement with large dealer groups.  It has already earned them a pilot program with a major OEM which should be announced to the public at the 2010 NADA Convention scheduled in Orlando, February 13th though February 15th, 2010.  With a combined network of over 600 sale people in the field supported by their philosophy and focus to stay on the cutting edge of video production and marketing to the auto industry they are recognized by many of their auto dealer clients as an innovative vendor partner who is extremely attentive to the auto dealer’s needs.

ecarlist is an automotive advertising vendor with a variety of applications that drew the attention of the automotive advertising agencies that support AdAgencyOnline.Net.  Their new reseller relationship with SiSTeR Technologies will enhance both platforms and provide added value to their shared customers.  ecarlist provides a comprehensive inventory management application and appraisal tool tied to internet sourced market data as well as web site designs and support services which will benefit by their integration of SiSTeR’s video platform.

Len Critcher, the President of ecarlist, was interviewed by Philip Zelinger on his blog talk radio show, “Automotive Advertising Experts” that aired on November 14th 2008.  The new relationship between ecarlist and SiSTeR Technologies developed after the two companies recognized the value of combining their applications to better serve their auto dealer clients.

About Len Critcher

Len Critcher is a dealer principal of, a leading Internet dealership and CEO of, a dealership software company in Dallas, TX.  For five years, has consistently sold over 1,000 vehicles per year exclusively through online marketing.

Critcher has been profiled in Forbes Magazine, CBS News, American Way, and the Dallas Business Journal for his work.  He is often asked to consult dealerships on best practices in selling/marketing online. Critcher’s dealership is currently ranked #8 nationally of ‘pre-owned retailers’ by Auto Dealer Monthly.

About ecarlist

ecarlist serves +/- 500 auto dealerships, including the largest Chevy dealership and the largest pre-owned Lexus dealership in the nation.  They have been marketing their product for less than 2 years but they have recently expanded their offerings to include the following features and benefits described on their website ;

Inventory Listing Management

ecarlist provides more than just inventory management capabilities.  They are one of the most powerful listing tools available.  ecarlist provides multiple ways to input inventory including feeds from a 3rd-party dealer service vendor, integration with an auto dealer’s legacy DMS, or vehicles can be entered manually making the process as painless and intuitive as possible.

Powered by Chrome Systems, one of the most powerful and accurate VIN decoders available, after the initial decode all auto dealers are required to input in most cases is the price, mileage and description (if desired).  Their VIN decode even provides available OEM colors and options for that particular make and model. Total and seamless integration with both CARFAX and AutoCheck allow the option to choose the source of a vehicle’s history report, and ecarlist is one of the first platforms to provide a quick-view CARFAX Highlights summary directly from the vehicle’s inventory page. No more wasting time opening and reviewing CARFAX reports!

ecarlist’s description builder develops a seemingly-customized description about a vehicle without spending all of the extra time. Simply choose the categories to describe, click the check box by the respective description and finalize the arrangement of the descriptions. One of the things that make their description builder unique is the ability to save custom phrases and paragraphs—no more opening up word documents to copy/paste favorite openings or

paragraphs.  Simply type them once, save them to the ecarlist description builder and access them for all future listings.  Their description builder will even update the year, make, model, price and mileage automatically into customized paragraphs, which will save even more time!

Auto Dealers can preview their ad and send their inventory to all of the major sites using some of the most recognizable and acclaimed templates available with just one click.  If an auto dealer prefers a unique, or more customized template, or they feel that there are some better web sites that they would like to use to advertise their inventory, ecarlist will help them achieve what will work best for their dealership.

With ecarlist’s integrated, ‘multi-site’ lead management system, auto dealers can view and reply to leads from many of the most popular marketing mediums directly from their ecarlist account. Auto dealers can choose to view leads based on date received or by vehicle. Even monitor all email communications in thread based formatting.

Email Lead Management

Their included E-mail Lead Management system also allows auto dealers to respond to customer questions, accept/reject/counter eBay Best Offers, and avoid unwanted spam e-mails, which will ensure that auto dealers only receive e-mails that pertain to their business.

Market Price Analysis

The days of only monitoring a competing dealer’s specials down the street are over. The dealership of today must understand the National marketplace and must buy/price their inventory accordingly.  There is an old saying, “profit is made on the buy, not the sale”. With ecarlist’s integrated Market Analysis system – dealerships are better equipped during the buying stage as well as the marketing and pricing stages.  Auto dealers can use ecarlist to assess trade values looking at many forms of data including Black Book and eBay Motors Market Data.  Auto dealers can compare inventory with ‘real-time’ VIN matched vehicles selling online and see exactly what competitors are asking.

A new feature to be added to ecarlist in the near future is their “Classified Market Analysis” including Auto Trader and Also, improved inventory monitoring and inventory price alerts.

Free Inventory Export to Multiple Sites

From eBay Motors and AutoTrader, to and Edmunds, auto dealers can list their vehicles to all of the most popular online advertising platforms with just one click.

Free Window Sticker Creator

Auto Dealers can access customized window stickers and buyer’s guides, on demand, with their Window Sticker Creator. No more waiting for 3rd-party providers to put stickers on inventory, no more waiting for graphics companies to deliver stickers a week after they are ordered and no more paying someone else for something that auto dealers can do themselves for ¼ of the cost; simply click and print.

eBay LOCAL Integration

ecarlist is one of only a handful of eBay Motors Preferred Service Providers out of the 30,000+ vendors that eBay works with.

Free craigslist Integration

Auto dealers can easily send all their inventory to one of the world’s largest free, online marketplaces. With more than 7 billion page views per month and an opportunity to selectively market vehicles in most of the country’s largest metropolitan areas for free, craigslist is something auto dealers will definitely take advantage of. A full color ad, branded with  dealership banners will ensure that vehicles get the attention they need from potential buyers.

AutoTrader Tag Line

The eCarList AutoTrader Tag Line, provides the ability to precede each ad with a customer, sales-person specific greeting, that should increase the likelihood that a potential customer knows who to ask for to eliminate confusion on the showroom floor.

Integrated Lease Quoting System

Auto Dealers can populate their ads with auto-generated lease quotes using generic, make-specific or franchise-specific lease criteria (money factors, residuals, terms, etc.). No more manually entering terms on the back-end, no more guessing what the lease payment might be—ecarlist does the work for the auto dealer.

DMS, CRM or Other 3rd-Party Integration

Duplicate entry, switching back-and-forth between various web pages, reconciling an auto dealer’s inventory and corresponding leads all take up valuable time that should be better spent selling vehicles and making money.  That is why ecarlist works so diligently to provide integrations with all of the necessary sources that auto dealers utilize on a daily basis. However, ecarlist goes one step further by ensuring the data from/to these sources are seamlessly integrated into the auto dealer’s account, so the dealer can manage and access everything they need from ecarlist without compromising functionality or accuracy.

Manheim’s Online Vehicle Exchange (OVE) Integration

Lower transaction costs, guaranteed payment, exposure to a national audience of buying dealers…if an auto dealer wholesales any of their inventory, OVE is a necessity. eCarList is proud to be one of the first 3rd-party partners of OVE by providing their auto dealers the ability to list and manage their vehicles directly to this new auction marketplace. All auto dealer clients need to get started is an eCarList account and their Manheim user-name and password.

24-Hour Technical Support

At ecarlist, customer support is paramount. From their technical support and sales representatives, to their executive officers, their goal is that virtually anyone and everyone on their team is accessible when their dealer clients need them most.

Customized “Framing” Upon Request

Framing is a great way to make ads stand out, establish an online image and preserve dealership-specific branding. Additionally, framing decreases the likelihood that a dealership’s ‘likeness’ or vehicle photos will be used in a fraudulent manner by making it difficult for individuals to steal photos without spending a prohibitive amount of time editing them for use as their own.

VIN Explosion Back-up

Although, ecarlist took great care when researching and partnering with the most robust and accurate VIN decode company available, no VIN decoder has 100% success decoding VIN’s. That is why ecarlist is the first, and to their knowledge, only company around that cares enough about their auto dealer client’s time and the accuracy of their listings to employ a back-up VIN decode system. In the event an auto dealer’s initial VIN decode fails, eCarList will automatically generate a VIN decode request with their back-up VIN decode partner, VinPOWER.

A product overview of ecarlist is available by clicking on the link below: 

About AdAgencyOnline.Net 

AdAgencyOnline.Net has and audience comprised of automotive advertising agencies, auto dealers and O.E.M representatives that frequent the site to take advantage of their free automotive advertising resources.  The  blog talk radio shows on the portal include the “Lunch With Phil – Discussing Automotive Advertising” the “Lunch With Ralph – Discussing Automotive Advertising”and the “Automotive Advertising Experts” show.  The shows run weekdays from 12:00 noon to 12:30 PM EST.  They all allow call-in questions to the guests or they can be downloaded anytime at or

AdAgencyOnline.Net provides solutions to automotive advertising agencies, auto dealers and O.E.M. representatives who turn to the automotive advertising site to solve common problems discussed on WAAOL.  AdAgencyOnline.Net also hosts an online Dealer 20+ Group sharing best practices with senior automotive advertising account executives from Ad Agency Online, L.L.C. who monitor the portal to offer free advice. 

AdAgencyOnline.Net has interviewed a variety of nationally recognized automotive advertising representatives in addition to Len Critcher from ecarlist since its launch at the NADA Convention in San Francisco in February of 2008.  Previous guests included Clayton Stanfield from EBay Motors , Mark Boyd and Mark Dubis from CarFolks.Com, Jared Hamilton from DrivingSales.Com, Dale Pollak from vAuto, David Wassmann from NeoSynergy, Jerry Daniels from Automotive Broadcasting Network, (ABN), Terry Alling from Kihon Media, David Marod from LeadConverter, Mike Parsons from Laser Stream Video, Brian Hoecht from Ai Dealer, Ralph Paglia from ADP and host to the auto industry social networking community ADM, Jim Ziegler, motivational speaker and consultant to the auto industry, Jeff Kershner, ecommerce director for The Mile One Automotive Group and host of the auto industry social networking forum DealerRefresh.Com , Jeff  Raab from the Detroit Trading Company, (DTX), Tim Zierdon from JMsolutions AAX™, Mike DeCecco from Dealer.Com, Ken Schwartz from CityTwist, Michael R. Spadafore from R. L. Polk & Co.  Kevin Schwartz and Rick Rochon from AdSymetrix , Jeffery Bennet from Argistics and Ron Morrison from ronsmap; to name a few.

For additional information on SiSTeR Technologies, ecarlist or Ad Agency Online automotive advertising agencies, auto industry vendors and auto dealers can visit the portal at , contact Philip Zelinger directly at 888-796-2228 or email Philip at  To quote Philip Zelinger, “Help is only a click away!” ###

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AdAgencyOnline.Net is an automotive advertising social networking portal that reviews cutting edge automotive advertising applications. Their solutions of choice are those that integrate proven selling systems in brick and mortar auto dealerships with new processes being implemented on auto dealership’s websites to sell more vehicles. Philip Zelinger is the President of the national network of independent affiliated automotive advertising agencies linked through Ad Agency Online, L.L.C., (AAOL), and the host of the blog talk radio station featured on AdAgencyOnline.Net – WAAOL, All Automotive Advertising News All The Time. Philip reviewed an online transaction application, WideStorm, on his “Lunch With Phil Discussing Automotive Advertising” blog talk radio show during an interview with Todd Mathews, the National Sales Director for WideStorm, that aired on Tuesday, December 16th 2009. During the show Philip and Todd shared some best practices regarding the growing opportunities presented to auto dealers and consumers through the use of online transaction applications like WideStorm.

AAOL was developed as an online communication / distribution system for its affiliated automotive advertising agencies, production partners and select vendors that leverage their resources for their auto dealer clients. AAOL shifted their focus from conventional media to Internet based digital marketing with the development of AdAgencyOnline.Net in 2002. Philip explained that he has focused on reviewing and recommending applications being developed that “blur the line between the real and the virtual world.” Philip has been promoting the inevitability of online transactions for the past three years with WideStorm joining several other vendor solutions that have been reviewed and approved by AAOL including but not limited to Ai Media and Argistics AutoTransaXion who are represented as preferred automotive advertising vendors on AdAgencyOnline.Net.

Philip discussed his reasons for promoting online transactions to his automotive advertising agencies as the next generation of online selling systems for their auto dealer clients, “The Internet has been proven to attract 93% of today’s auto shoppers. The consumer’s reliance on the Internet to provide information that was previously only available by visiting an auto dealership has already been established. The ability for consumers to bypass their local auto dealership when purchasing a new or used vehicle in favor of a less intrusive online experience at an auto dealer’s website has been limited to gathering information with the eventual need to visit a dealership to actually purchase the vehicle but applications like WideStorm allow the consumer to bypass the “hard sell” experiences that they experienced in the past that drove them onto the WWW to begin with. Technology has always paved the road for automotive advertising agencies to reach their targeted audience however human nature has always been the driving force and the Internet Super Highway isn’t any different. Customers would prefer to be in control, real or imagined, and online transaction tools like WideStorm allow them to do it their way.”

About Todd Mathews. National Sales Director

Todd Mathews has10 years of experience in the automotive retail and vendor markets. As a former VP of Sales for one of the nation’s leading digital marketing companies, Mathews understands the challenges—as well as the potential—auto retail dealers face daily with online marketing. Additionally, he served as the regional account manager for American Auto Exchange and as the Internet director for a large dealership in South Texas. Mathews graduated in 1992 from Texas State University with a bachelor’s degree in business.

The following article was provided by WideStorm to AAOL in advance of their review on WAAOL and it was posted on AdAgencyOnline.Net to provide some background details about WideStorm.

On-line Negotiation Set to Revolutionize Automotive Buying.

August 17, 2009 – Portland, Oregon.

Earlier this spring, a Portland, Oregon company, DealerPeak, piloted a revolutionary product called WideStorm. This service allows consumers and auto dealers to negotiate the car buying transaction entirely on-line. Dealers who have signed up for WideStorm can now allow shoppers that visit their dealership website to negotiate price, payments, financing terms and even trade values all on-line. When the dealer and the consumer agree on the terms of the transaction, the buyer simply comes in to the dealership to sign the paperwork and pick up their new vehicle. One of the tenets of the program is that it is “Risk Free”, meaning that if for any reason the vehicle is not what the buyers was expecting they are under no obligation to complete the purchase.

Now the program is in full swing with outstanding results. DealerPeak President, Jock Schowalter commented “This is an idea that is being driven by the consumer. Most consumers have had a frustrating experience when they’ve purchased their last few vehicles. Today there is too much stress and wasted time in the car buying process and on-line negotiation eliminates most all of that.” Schowalter went on to state “At first we didn’t know if consumers and especially Dealers would embrace on-line negotiation, but we quickly affirmed that negotiating on-line was a win-win for everyone. The dealers are seeing more leads come through their websites and are saving as much time as the consumer. They are also finding they make pretty much the same profit on the negotiation deals as they do on traditional showroom deals, which was an initial concern.”

It’s no wonder that General Motors and eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY) are piloting a car-selling partnership where consumers will be able to browse cars offered by GM and either buy them at a fixed price or make an offer and haggle. While WideStorm is the first program specifically for dealers, the GM initiative validates the opportunity to capture more buyers by providing a platform to negotiate on-line.

So far approximately 30 dealerships have signed up with WideStorm On-line Negotiation including such prominent groups as Ron Tonkin Automotive Group, Dick Hannah Automotive Group and select Penske Automotive stores. DealerPeak is also in discussions with major Manufactures about the on-line negotiation system.

DealerPeak is headquartered in Portland, Oregon and has hundreds of dealer clients throughout the United States. DealerPeak solutions include WideStorm On-line Negotiation, CRM, Websites, Desking, Digital Marketing and Transactional Websites that work seamlessly on a unified Web-based platform. This allows their dealers to reduce the number of vendors they deal with and drive cost out of their business.

For more information contact or 877 604 3569 or see

About Philip Zelinger

Philip Zelinger is the President of Ad Agency Online, LLC and founder of AdAgencyOnline.Net. He invested 25 years as a General Manager and Dealer Principal followed by his last ten years in the automotive advertising industry learning from the teams that he built so he can now presume to teach on forums like AdAgencyOnline.Net. His role as a “Dealer Coach” is enhanced by his hosting a nationally recognized auto industry social networking portal and blog talk radio station – WAAOL, All Automotive Advertising News All The Time. As the author of two books on the auto industry, including “How To Sell A Car – a Career Guide to The Automobile Industry,” he is a recognized authority on market trends and developing technologies with the responsibility of selecting key vendors and applications for his dealer clients as well as forming strategic partnerships for his vendor clients to leverage their shared resources to help them bring their products and services to market.

About AdAgencyOnline.Net and Ad Agency Online, L.L.C.

AdAgencyOnline.Net reviews automotive advertising vendors and new technologies on several blog talk radio shows in addition to the Lunch With Phil Discussing Automotive Advertising. Other shows include “Lunch With Ralph Discussing Automotive Advertising” and “Automotive Advertising Experts.” The shows attract automotive advertising agencies, auto dealers, auto industry vendors and O.E.M. representatives that listen to WAAOL to find vendors, applications and technologies to maximize the R.O.I. for their automotive advertising dollars.

AAOL is a national network of independent affiliated automotive advertising agencies linked by an online communication / distribution system developed by Philip Zelinger. The proprietary operating system that powers AAOL was designed to reduce fixed and semi-variable expenses for full service automotive advertising agencies. The developing technologies that enhanced the performance of the independent automotive advertising agencies linked by AAOL has served as the role model for the solutions suggested on AdAgencyOnline.Net and represented by AAOL to their affiliated automotive advertising agencies when serving their auto dealer clients.

Ad Agency Online L.L.C is focused on discovering and representing new automotive advertising vendors not yet recognized by the mainstream automotive advertising industry. Recent automotive advertising vendors represented by AAOL include; Argistics – AutoTransaXion, EveryCarListed.Com, DealMaker.Com, CityTwist.Com, Bulldog Marketing Technologies, LeadConverter, Gumiyo, Kihon Media, CarFolks.Com, Ai Dealer, NeoSynergy, Laser Stream Video and; to name a few.

Previous guests interviewed on WAAOL include a growing number of automotive advertising experts. Past guests included, Clayton Stanfield from EBay Motors, Mark Boyd and Mark Dubis from CarFolks.Com, Jared Hamilton from DrivingSales.Com, Dale Pollak from vAuto, David Wassmann from NeoSynergy, Jerry Daniels from Automotive Broadcasting Network, (ABN), Terry Alling from Kihon Media, David Marod from LeadConverter, Brian Ferris and Spencer Sterling from DealMaker.Com, Mike Parsons from Laser Stream Video, Brian Hoecht from Ai Dealer, Ralph Paglia from ADP and host to the auto industry social networking community ADM, Len Critcher from, Tim Zierden from AAX, Jim Ziegler, motivational speaker and consultant to the auto industry, Jeff Kershner, ecommerce director for The Mile One Automotive Group and host of the auto industry social networking forum DealerRefresh.Com, Jeff Raab from the Detroit Trading Company, (DTX), Mike DeCecco from Dealer.Com, Ken Schwartz from CityTwist, Michael R. Spadafore from R. L. Polk & Co., Kevin Schwartz and Rick Rochon from AdSymetrix, Bruce Cerbone from Argistics, Scott Davis from Bull Dog Marketing Technologies, Matt Watson and Douglas Kinney from VinSolutions, Hal Howard and Don Pollock from New Wave Automotive, LLC, (NWA), Michael T. Fay from Colliers Abood Wood-Fay Real Estate and their C.A.R.S. division, Matt Brown and Zack Powell from TheDealerDashBoard.Com, Mark Burack from Liquid Motors, Pat Ryan, Jr. from FirstLook, Al Cantarella from, Michael Roscoe and Cliff banks from Dealer Communications, Steven Munyan from HireTheWinners.Com and most recently Todd Mathews from WideStorm.

For more information on Philip Zelinger, Ad Agency Online, L.L.C., WideStorm and the ability to accommodate online transactions to sell or service more new and used vehicles or any of the preferred automotive advertising vendors previously reviewed on WAAOL auto dealers and automotive advertising agencies should contact Philip through AdAgencyOnline.Net. Automotive advertising vendors, automotive advertising agencies and auto dealers that would like to be considered as a “preferred automotive advertising vendor” on AdAgencyOnline.Net and/or to hire/join Ad Agency Online, L.L.C. to represent them can contact Philip Zelinger at, call him at 888-796-2228 or visit AdAgencyOnline.Net at To quote Philip Zelinger, “Help is only a click away!” ###

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Philip Zelinger, the President of Ad Agency Online, L.L.C., (AAOL), and host of the automotive advertising resource / networking portal http://AdAgencyOnline.Net , instructed his affiliated automotive advertising agencies to shift their focus from conventional automotive advertising media to social networking based marketing channels. Philip announced his organization’s decision to downsize their highly profitable radio, T.V. and print production divisions along with their conventional broadcast media placement services on his blog talk radio show – Lunch With Phil Discussing Automotive Advertising – that aired as an encore presentation today, Monday November 30th 2009 on the site’s blog talk radio station, WAAOL, All Automotive Advertising News All The Time.

Philip developed AAOL as an online communication / distribution system for a national network of independent automotive advertising agencies, production partners and select vendors that use the proprietary operating system to leverage their resources for their auto dealer clients. AAOL was ahead of the curve when they shifted their focus from radio, T.V. and print media to Internet based digital marketing and the same foresight is being applied with Philip’s recent announcement that social networking will be their marketing platform for the future.

Philip explained his position to his online audience of automotive advertising agencies and automotive advertising insiders as follows; “The Internet already attracts 93% of today’s auto shoppers. The consumer’s reliance on social networking sites to provide information sourced from “trusted friends” vs. an auto dealer or their automotive advertising agency has already been established. People have always liked to do business with people that they like and relationship based selling is not new. What is new is the ability for consumers to bypass an auto dealer’s website or online marketing message when purchasing a new or used vehicle in favor of a trusted third party social networking community where likeminded auto shoppers are able to share their shopping experience before, during and after their sale / purchase. Technology has always paved the road for automotive advertising agencies to reach their targeted audience however human nature has always been the driving force and the Internet Super Highway isn’t any different.”

“In today’s shrinking auto industry automotive advertising agencies must forego their own interests and short term profits realized by their in-house production and conventional media profit centers in favor of providing the maximum R.O.I. for their auto dealer client’s automotive advertising dollars. Auto dealers are demanding more for less from their automotive advertising agencies based on shrinking budgets and social networking sites are technically free. Of course the investment has shifted from the auto dealer’s money to the automotive advertising agencies time and effort however, a properly focused automotive advertising agency can accept their new areas of responsibility as a way to improve the R.O.I. on their retainer and provide job security at a time when auto dealers are looking to cut costs which might include their agency fees.”

Several automotive advertising vendors were discussed during the blog talk radio show along with some best practices in a problem / solution format. AdAgencyOnline.Net is recognized as “The One Stop Site For All Of Your Automotive Advertising Needs” and a number of preferred automotive advertising vendors were referenced which integrate principles of social networking into their applications. Specifically, FirstLook and their Customer Optimization marketing platform and SiSTeR Technologies Video CarLot – which provides enhanced relevancy with vehicle information through their automated video production platform and distribution process – were suggested to the online audience anxious to learn how they can use social networking to sell and service more vehicles. Read the rest of this entry »

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Automotive advertising agencies are challenged to keep up with the explosion of new Internet based automotive advertising applications designed to maximize their R.O.I. for their digital marketing campaigns. AdAgencyOnline.Net was formed as an automotive advertising social networking site to platform and review new automotive advertising vendors and the many applications that profess to help automotive advertising agencies do more for less. Philip Zelinger, the President of Ad Agency Online, L.L.C. and host of the blog talk radio station featured on AdAgencyOnline.Net – WAAOL, All Automotive Advertising News All The Time, will be interviewing Peter O’Neil, the President and CEO of IntelliTerms, Inc., to review IntelliTerms for consideration as a preferred automotive advertising vendor for his affiliated automotive advertising agencies, auto dealer clients and site visitors to AdAgencyOnline.Net.

Philip will interview Peter on his popular blog talk radio show, Lunch With Phil Discussing Automotive Advertising, that will air live today, Wednesday, November 18th 2009 from 12:00 Noon EST to 12:30 PM EST. The show is an open business meeting for the automotive advertising agencies, auto dealers and automotive advertising insiders that support the portal. The online community has enjoyed an explosive growth of its own built on an earned reputation as “The One Stop Site For All Of Your Automotive Advertising Needs.”

Previous automotive advertising vendor reviews aired on WAAOL suggest that Philip will first introduce Peter as the founder of IntelliTerms to credential his professional experience. Philip is often quoted as stating that he “prioritizes people over product and price.” According to Philip, “Even the best automotive advertising application needs personal support before, during and after its implementation and that priority must be established from the top down.” After the initial introductions the online audience of automotive advertising professionals will be invited to call in questions of the pair of auto industry experts to discuss the application and share best practices in solving common issues addressed by IntelliTerm’s marketing platform.

About IntelliTerms, Inc.

Peter O’Neil provided the following description of the products and services offered by IntelliTerms in advance of today’s show. “IntelliTerms, with headquarters in Golden, Colorado, automates and optimizes the daily posting of an automobile dealership’s inventory to a wide selection of Web sites, especially the consumer classified Web sites. We employ both a proprietary marketing technology – that converts prices to payments – and innovative account management. Our approach is unparalleled in the automotive industry today. IntelliTerms connects prospective buyers with vehicles that are in a dealer’s inventory as available-to-sell, and generates an enormous volume of real-time, in-bound phone calls and e-mails, which express a qualified interest in those vehicles. At about $10 per real-time prospective buyer, we deliver a much greater ROI than a traditional “lead.” Our solution impacts the bottom line by reducing a dealer’s days in stock, and in return decreases a dealer’s floor plan expense. And our on-line reporting helps in turning over inventory in 60 – 90 days. We drive the showroom traffic. Auto Dealers just sell it. We over-deliver on what we promise, and we guarantee our results.”

About Peter O’Neil, President and CEO, IntelliTerms, Inc.

Mr. O’Neil joined IntelliTerms full time in August of 2009 to continue his track record as a successful serial entrepreneur. Prior to IntelliTerms, Mr. O’Neil served for five-plus years as Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing at CenterStone Technologies, a privately held, VC-funded company that provides B-2-B e-commerce solutions to well-know, national consumer brands. At CenterStone, Mr. O’Neil developed an understanding and appreciation of the incredible value proposition provided by Web-based applications and software-as-a-service (SaaS). He joined CenterStone Technologies in 2004 after spending ten years building successful companies in the direct marketing industry, including five years with Experian in a variety of capacities including Senior VP and General Manager, Cooperative Databases and Senior VP, Self Reported Data. In 1993 Mr. O’Neil joined Atlantes Corporation and was instrumental in building the Atlantes customer base through his aggressive sales and marketing efforts. Atlantes was acquired by Metromail in 1997 which in turn was acquired by Experian in 1998. Mr. O’Neil assumed management of Experian’s self-reported data group in 1999. Prior to Atlantes Mr. O’Neil held senior level positions with a variety of firms including Salt Investment Fund, Resorts Marketing, Inc., Vail Valley Foundation and The Executive Ventures Group. Mr. O’Neil holds a BA in Psychology from Colorado College and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Read the rest of this entry »

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