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The inaugural broadcast of a new Podcast on Blog Talk Radio – The Mentor – aired on Monday, September 21st. 2015.  The show was hosted by Philip Zelinger, the President of Ad Agency Online, LLC.  It was the first in a series – The Mentor Forum – that will feature successful business people and entrepreneurs willing to share their secrets for success as well as stories of their failures with anyone willing to listen and learn from their experiences.

The first show laid the groundwork for the series without the need for a guest as Philip shared his own objectives in hosting the show and how he arrived at The Mentor as the title.  “My career in the retail auto industry as a General Manager, Executive Dealer and Dealer Principal led me to my role in the advertising industry and my investments in technology based vendors supporting the auto industry. My more recent focus on software as a solution to subsidize and in some cases replace brick and mortar businesses beyond automotive motivated me to host The Mentor as a way for me to pay it forward to other business people and next generation entrepreneurs.”

Philip shared some of his fundamental business concepts during the show that contributed to his personal branding line of “What are friends for!”  He defined a Mentor as someone willing to share with no personal agenda and the perfect partner as someone who places their partner’s interests over their own.  Philip credited some admitted business failures to partners who didn’t reciprocate.  Although, he claims that he wouldn’t have changed his position to focus on his partners needs first since his 37 year marriage to his wife Mary Ann was based on that concept.

The show ended with an offer for successful business thought leaders to join him in future shows as a featured guest along with an invitation for The Mentor(s) to help business owners bring their vision to the world.  Listeners were invited to Contact Philip Zelinger at AdAgencyOnline.Net or email him at for a confidential discussion.  To quote Philip, “After all, what are friends and Mentors for!”

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ProblemSolutionHQ is conducting open interviews for potential Social Media/Marketing partners on their sponsored blog talk radio show, “The PSHQ Entrepreneur”.  Scott Davis and Philip Zelinger co-hosted an interview with Lori Axler which provided some great insights in Social Marketing and best practices for launching new software products using social media. Read the rest of this entry »

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