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Automotive Advertising Experts Discuss iDrove.IT With Ron Morrison

iDrove.IT VDP with Dynamic Market Pricing

The Automotive Advertising Experts show is hosted by Philip Zelinger, the President of Ad Agency Online. 

Philip will be joined by Ron Morrison, the President of iDrove.IT, on Friday, September 12th 2014 at 12 Noon EST to discuss their new consumer centric marketing platform and enhanced inventory module, (VDP),  with Dynamic Market Pricing.  

The iDrove.IT enhanced inventory module is a plug and play Vehicle Display Page, (VDP), that leverages transparency and better user experiences for website visitors. It provides the most favorable impression of your new and used inventory as well as your dealership while answering more of your visitor’s questions to keep them on your site longer and help them make a buying decision.

It includes all that you would expect from a VDP marketing platform but with a more integrated strategy of leveraging 3rd party content including:

  • Manufacturer information,
  • Edmunds,
  • dynamic reviews,
  • dynamic market pricing,
  • virtual “word of mouth” referrals.

The most unique feature/benefit of iDrove.IT is their use of “Dynamic Market Pricing” to insure that a dealer’s inventory is always competitively priced and presented.  Philip and Ron will discuss this next generation marketing tool and its impact on the way that consumers will shop for a vehicle online in the future.

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Auto Industry Insiders Jeff Spreen Screen Shot

The Auto Industry Insiders show scheduled for Thursday, May 22nd, 2014 at 12 Noon EST has Philip Zelinger, the President of Ad Agency Online, LLC, interviewing a third generation “Car Guy” – Jeff Spreen, the GM and Owner of Spreen Honda in California.

Jeff’s family history in the business started in 1952 at Bob Spreen Cadillac in Downey California.  At that time they were the third largest Cadillac Dealer in the world. Spreen Honda starting serving the community in 1982 following the same customer first philosophy that built their first dealership.

According to Jeff, the secret to their success is best defined by their Mission Statement that says it all:

Spreen Honda is dedicated to perfecting the customer experience through continuous improvement of our processes and procedures. Spreen Honda embodies a true family experience for the discriminate customer. Our goal is for every customer to feel as though they truly enjoyed their experience whether it is in a car purchase or a simple oil change.

One of Jeff’s main focuses over the years has been with computers.  When he came to Spreen Honda in 2003 he applied his computer skills as the world moved online.  Under Jeff’s leadership Spreen Honda has always ranked in the top 5 dealerships in new vehicle sales in CA., but they have been one of the first places people look for quality Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles..

Philip and Jeff will discuss best practices applied by Jeff in his varied self assigned areas of responsibility that include overseeing all day to day operations.  However, Jeff takes personal pride in what he sees as his most important role; attending to customer complaints to ensure that a high level of customer satisfaction is obtained.

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LWP Driving Loyalty Data Base Social Marketing

WAAOL- All Automotive Advertising All The Time

Automotive advertising agencies have learned to manipulate the changing algorithms that search engines like Google and Bing use to drive organic search.  SEO is a fluid science that must now include social media. 

Automotive advertising agencies are dealing with recent changes on Facebook that limit organic search to power messages posted in their social networking community.  In today’s Lunch With Phil show I discussed old school best practices that delivered consistent creative across multiple media and channels to increase the reach, frequency and most importantly retention of message.  This practice can be applied to social media to compensate for now limited organic search and expensive paid advertisements.

I used Driving Loyalty’s data base marketing platform as an example of how consistent relevant and transparent messages delivered via email, direct mail, PURL’s and outbound call centers can extend the reach of social media.  Driving Loyalty has recently introduced their Social Marketing Initiative to educate dealers on how to link their conventional and digital messages to social media to leverage consumer content on social networks.

New “friends” sourced from the auto dealer’s DMS are invited through Driving Loyalty’s algorithms that deliver equity and service alerts to target the specific needs of the customer.  In addition, select vendors have been invited to join Driving Loyalty’s Social Marketing Initiative as networking partners to enhance the customer experience through improved sales and service processes at the dealership as well to develop shared B2B opportunities.

CallRevu is a telephone management/monitoring system that monitors inbound calls to the dealership and delivers real time alerts advising the dealer of missed opportunities.  IntellaCar is a sales/marketing platform that resides on an iPad controlled by the sales consultant that delivers credible third party information throughout the sales process. DealerAppVantage is a dealer branded mobile application offered to the customer at delivery that maintains communication between the dealer and the customer after the sale with service alerts and information to enhance their ownership experience.

The sales and service processes powered by these vendor partners insure that the customers’ experiences at the dealership will meet or beat the expectations delivered in the dealer’s marketing messages.  These positive reinforcements power the viral nature of social networks more than any manipulation of their organic search.

Simply put, the best way to replace organic search on social networks is to insure that the every contact becomes a friend and then a customer; in that order.  The best way to make a friend is to under promise and over deliver in the way that you conduct your business,

After all, what are friends for!

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Social marketing may be the next best thing but, like all successful next generation solutions, it is built on the foundation of proven old school wisdoms. Word of mouth advertising pre-dates today’s technology driven social marketing as a proven way to build a business.  The fact that people like to do business with people they like and that trust is the foundation for any transaction is a reflection of human nature which is the basis for long term business relationships.

Given that truth, I find it interesting that many auto dealers ignore the low hanging fruit of marketing to their past and present customers in favor of focusing on complete strangers.  Relationships already earned in sales and service must be nurtured or they will soon find a new friend in the car business.  Fortunately, as these established relationships mature they not only result in superior customer satisfaction and retention but they provide the stories that can drive a successful social marketing program.

The market is a conversation among friends that exists before, during and after their car shopping/buying experience.  Auto dealers are tasked with timing their messages to match where customers are within this cycle.  Conventional advertising suggests that you continuously speak to the market with your sales or service message and accept that only a small percentage will be interested in hearing it.  Social marketing allows a dealer to join in the discussion by delivering content to consumers throughout their ownership experience.   The key to a successful social marketing program is to provide content that is relevant to the customer vs. the dealer.

Fortunately, a key advantage of social marketing is that the best content is in the form of stories told by an auto dealer’s past, present and pending customers describing their shared experiences. Of course the stories should be complementary; however, even the bad ones open an opportunity to fix problems vs. their existing in the market without being resolved for both the customer’s and the auto dealer’s benefit.

Technology powers today’s version of word of mouth advertising through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +.  However, social marketing isn’t limited to these online marketing platforms or applications that auto dealers use to manage their online friends. For example, data base marketing allows an auto dealer to involve their customer base in the discussion on their social networking communities.  Who better to provide stories that would interest potential new friends and customers than people you are already doing business with? Read the rest of this entry »

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THOUSAND OAKS, CA, APRIL 12, 2011 – IntellaCar, LLC announced today the release of IntellaCar™ 2.0, the next generation of the ground-breaking iPad/iPhone app that has proven to increase dealership sales effectiveness within weeks, revolutionizing the car sales experience for both dealerships and consumers. A mobile sales tool, IntellaCar empowers Sales Consultants with instant “anywhere” access to crucial information. From vehicle specifications to inventory details to competitive comparisons, IntellaCar helps them make the sale.  IntellaCar 2.0 adds new features that boost its impact even further, including: 

  • ·         Ability to capture customer data and send it directly to dealer CRM
  • ·         Email and printing to easily share content with customers
  • ·         Garage function that saves/shows selected vehicles
  • ·         On-the-spot vehicle data capture for appraisal  Read the rest of this entry »

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