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AdAgencyOnline.Net To Review eCarList TrueTarget Mobile For Automotive Advertising Agencies

Philip Zelinger, the President of Ad Agency Online, L.L.C. and host of the automotive advertising resource / networking portal AdAgencyOnline.Net, announced today that he will be reviewing eCarList and their new mobile appraisal and inventory management application TrueTarget Mobile for consideration by his affiliated automotive advertising agencies.  Philip will be interviewing Len Critcher, the CEO of eCarList, on the blog talk radio station featured on AdAgencyOnline.net — WAAOL, All Automotive Advertising News All The Time.  The Automotive Advertising Experts show hosting the interview is scheduled to air on Friday, September 03rd, 2010 from 12:00 Noon to 12:30 PM EST. 

The pair of automotive advertising insiders will be sharing best practices with automotive advertising agencies who regularly tune into WAAOL to listen and learn about new technologies and Internet driven applications that promise to change the way that auto dealers buy and sell cars.  Philip limits his product reviews to cutting edge vendors with proprietary applications and he confirmed that eCarList qualifies on many levels.  “I reviewed eCarList once before during a previous interview with Len Critcher and I knew then and there that I would have to keep in touch with him.  I was so impressed with his inventory management and marketing platform that I recommended him to one of my valued vendor clients, SiSTeR Technologies, Inc..  Based on the successful results of that introduction I am always looking for other shared opportunities with eCarList so when Len offered me a sneak preview of his new mobile appraisal and inventory management platform I jumped at the chance.  I want to take credit for introducing it to my affiliated automotive advertising agencies and my growing audience of automotive advertising decision makers who turn to me to find the latest and the greatest in technology driven automotive advertising solutions.  I am confident that the TrueTarget Mobile suite of products and services being introduced by eCarList will not disappoint them.”

About Len Critcher

With a successful background in marketing and technology, Len Critcher established one of the first Internet focused dealerships in the United States in 2001.  As a pioneer in online automotive sales, Critcher is often heralded as one of the “fathers” of online automotive marketing.  At age 28, Critcher was profiled in Forbes Magazine for his success in online automotive retailing.  Recognized as an authority in online inventory management and marketing, Critcher is often invited to speak to large groups and industry events to share his unique passion and insights into his “real world” automotive successes. In 2006, Critcher founded eCarList and has led the organization in its record growth and is also the chief architect of the company’s product development.  Critcher and his businesses have also been featured in People, Time Magazine, USA Today, CNN, American Way, Dallas Business Journal and more.

Critcher received a BA from Southern Methodist University and resides in Dallas, TX with his wife Pamela, and two young children, Carson and Sailor.

About TrueTarget Mobile

TrueTarget Mobile is the first and only mobile appraisal and inventory management application on the market to deliver both wholesale and retail data including Cars.com, AutoTrader, eBay, BlackBook, NADA, AuctionNet, Carfax, AutoCheck and more.  All data is complimented with intelligent market data including Market Days Supply, Price Variance, Option Filtering and Real-time competitive views.

Features of the app include an intuitive VIN scanner, VIN paste and quick-adds if you’re away from the vehicle, and direct integration with the eCarList desktop software.  Our dealers have the ability to photograph, price, edit and upload vehicles directly from the App to our inventory management software which instantly updates the website and retail sites.

About eCarList

eCarList provides web-based inventory management, distribution, and marketing services to over 1,000 leading franchise and independent automotive dealerships nationwide.  The company’s comprehensive product lineup includes Inventory Management, Vehicle Pricing Analytics, Award-Winning Custom Websites, and a full-suite of Online Marketing Services including Search & Behavioral Marketing, Managed Chat, Video Mobile Websites and more. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, eCarList is an eBay Motors Preferred Provider.   For more information, visit www.ecarlist.com.

About Philip Zelinger

Philip Zelinger is the President of Ad Agency Online, L.L.C. and host of a nationally respected automotive advertising social networking portal, AdAgencyOnline.Net.  Philip invested 25 years as a General Manager and Dealer Principal followed by his last ten years in the automotive advertising industry representing auto dealers and technology vendors focused on the automotive advertising industry. 

His role as a “Dealer Coach” is enhanced by his hosting a nationally recognized auto industry social networking portal and blog talk radio station – WAAOL, All Automotive Advertising News All The Time.  As the author of two books on the auto industry, including “How To Sell A Car – a Career Guide to The Automobile Industry,” he is a recognized authority on market trends and developing technologies with the responsibility of selecting key vendors and applications for his dealer clients as well as forming strategic partnerships for his vendor clients to leverage their shared resources to help them bring their products and services to market.

About AdAgencyOnline.Net and Ad Agency Online, L.L.C.

AdAgencyOnline.Net reviews automotive advertising vendors and new technologies on several blog talk radio shows in addition to the Lunch With Phil Discussing Automotive Advertising.  Other shows include “Lunch With Ralph Discussing Automotive Advertising” and “Automotive Advertising Experts.”  The shows attract automotive advertising agencies, auto dealers, auto industry vendors and O.E.M. representatives that listen to WAAOL to find vendors, applications and technologies to maximize the R.O.I. for their automotive advertising dollars.

AAOL is a national network of independent affiliated automotive advertising agencies linked by an online communication / distribution system developed by Philip Zelinger.  The proprietary operating system that powers AAOL was designed to reduce fixed and semi-variable expenses for full service automotive advertising agencies.  The developing technologies that enhanced the performance of the independent automotive advertising agencies linked by AAOL has served as the role model for the solutions suggested on AdAgencyOnline.Net and represented by AAOL to their affiliated automotive advertising agencies when serving their auto dealer clients.

Ad Agency Online L.L.C is focused on discovering and representing new automotive advertising vendors not yet recognized by the mainstream automotive advertising industry. Automotive advertising vendors represented by AAOL include; ronsmap.com, DealerMouth, TeleTextSolutions, GetAutoAppraise, Argistics – AutoTransaXion, DealMaker.Com, CityTwist.Com, Bulldog Marketing Technologies, Kihon Media, CarFolks.Com, Ai Dealer, Laser Stream Video, and SiSTeR Technologies – Video CarLot; to name a few.

For more information on Philip Zelinger, Ad Agency Online, L.L.C., eCarList and their new TrueTarget Mobile or any of the vendor clients represented by Ad Agency Online contact Philip at 888-796-2228 or email him at pzads@bellsouth.net.  Automotive advertising vendors, automotive advertising agencies and auto dealers that would like to be considered as a “preferred automotive advertising vendor” on AdAgencyOnline.Net and/or to hire/join Ad Agency Online, L.L.C. to represent them can contact Philip Zelinger at https://adagencyonline.net.  To quote Philip Zelinger, “Help is only a click away!  After all, what are friends for!”  ###

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