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AdAgencyOnline.Net Considers New Automotive Advertising Partners

Philip Zelinger, President of Ad Agency Online, L.L.C., conducted a seminar at the recent 4th Digital Dealer Conference titled, “The Power Of Networking On The Internet – FREE Automotive Advertising In The Real And The Virtual World.” The sell out conference platformed cutting edge technologies and applications in automotive advertising.

Ad Agency Online represented several automotive advertising vendors that are featured on their FREE automotive advertising resource portal including LeadConverter, LaserStream Video, Ai Dealer, Kihon Media, NeoSynergy, CarFolks.Com, BZ Results and of course AdAgencyOnline.Net themselves. According to Mr. Zelinger the conference was extremely productive. Ad Agency Online was approached by several new vendors at the conference to join their network, along with two independent automotive advertising agencies, and their applications are being considered.

Automotive advertising agencies have been pressed to maximize R.O.I. for their auto dealer clients in an obviously down market. The network of independent automotive advertising agencies linked through AdAgencyOnline.Net offer a unique advantage for their auto dealer clients in this regard as they also link auto industry production partners and varied auto industry vendors through their online network of affiliated automotive advertising agencies and vendors.

The demand to shift advertising dollars into the most cost effective media available has focused opportunities onto the Internet. Automotive advertising agencies are being challenged to not only maximize Internet exposure for their auto dealer clients but to also insure that the leads generated are converted into sales. AdAgencyOnline.Net has taken the challenge by selecting preferred vendors for their automotive advertising agencies to present to their auto dealer clients that provide functionality to auto dealers websites that replicate successful processes in the real world.

Everything from an introduction and initial T.O., handled by LeadConverter, to an exit T.O., accomplished by LaserStream Video, has been reviewed by AdAgencyOnline.Net and incorporated into online processes for their affiliated automotive advertising agencies to present to their auto dealer clients. Online transactions are now available through prefrred vendors like Ai Dealer and NeoSynergy and ongoing contacts are accomplished by Kihon Media and CarFolks.Com.

Automotive advertising agencies, auto industry vendors and auto dealers who wish to join the network are invited to visit www.adagencyonline.net for additional information. The online blog talk radio station featured on the site, WAAOL – All Automotive News All The Time, provides entertaining interviews with auto industry experts with live chats open to site visitors during the programs. Automotive advertising agencies linked through AdAgencyOnline.Net use the radio shows as an open business meeting Monday Through Wednesday on the “Lunch With Phil Show” that airs 12 noon to 12:30 EST and site visitors are welcome to listen in and participate in the discussions.

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