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AdAgencyOnline.Net Directs Automotive Advertising To Virtual Showrooms Over Brick & Mortar Dealerships

The shrinking auto industry has directed automotive advertising away from conventional media, such as radio, TV and print, to online Internet channels and digital marketing that provide a more targeted audience, for less money and a more verifiable R.O.I. Automotive advertising agencies are following the same path by advising their auto dealer clients to design their automotive advertising messages to drive traffic to their virtual online showrooms over their brick and mortar real world dealerships.

Growing evidence of support for the new Internet and digital marketing strategy by automotive advertising agencies can be found on AdAgencyOnline.Net – a free automotive advertising resource/networking portal hosted by Ad Agency Online, L.L.C. The full service automotive advertising agency that is supporting the site is comprised of a national network of independent automotive advertising agencies and affiliated production / media partners. The online networking community of affiliated offices has developed a new definition of “full service automotive advertising” that includes key vendor negotiations and selection of cutting edge Internet based automotive advertising applications. They are joined by a growing list of selected automotive advertising vendors that contribute to the open forums featured on the portal’s blog talk radio station – WAAOL, All Automotive Advertising News All The Time.

The shared respect for online automotive advertising by the automotive advertising experts that support AdAgencyOnline.Net is best expressed by Philip Zelinger, President Of Ad Agency Online, L.L.C. and host to the blog talk radio shows featured on the portal known as “The One Stop Site For All Of Your Automotive Advertising Needs.” “The auto industry embraces technology as a means to an end. If a new technology, selling process or Internet application improves an auto dealer’s R.O.I. – either by reducing expenses or increasing sales and service volume – then the automotive advertising agencies will be the first to support it. The Internet has allowed an auto dealer to build a “virtual showroom” for a few thousand dollars vs. a few million dollars for a brick and mortar auto dealership. Couple that disparity in upfront costs with the fact that automotive advertising experts confirm that over 83% of car shoppers use the Internet to narrow down their search for a vehicle, and the future of automotive advertising and the auto industry itself is certain to change. The virtual showroom now provides the “first impression” for customers for even the most extravagant real world dealerships. More importantly, newly developing online applications are able to replicate proven real world selling processes and provide a better R.O.I. on many levels for an auto industry that is reeling from record drops in sales and profits. With math like that, the future of the brick and mortar dealership is as much at risk as the already shrinking conventional advertising media like radio, TV and print.”

The virtual showroom of today is a far cry from the initial text filled home pages and confused automotive advertising messages posted on the web sites of yesterday. High speed Internet connections allow large data to be transferred in the blink of an eye. Applications like Laser Stream Video deliver a video of a professional spokesmodel conducting an online feature/benefit presentation using best practices rarely followed in the real world showroom by the inexperienced sales staff that remains after cutbacks in compensation and support services have forced out the professionals of yesterday.

Other video applications are also being designed for the Internet, like SiSTer Technologies “Video Car Lot” that automatically converts still pictures of the pre-owned vehicles posted on a website into a professionally produced video. The video integrates a branding message with a feature / benefit presentation that includes information beyond the visible facts – like a CarFax report. The video sales presentation would be impossible for a sales person to deliver in the time allotted. An unexpected added value of SiSTER Technologies is built into every video they create. SiSTer Technologies has a direct API link to You Tube that automatically drives the finished videos to the search engines – including embedded search words that maximize the S.E.O. of the message. Search engines are anxious to pass on the information to their online car shopping audience who have shown their preference for videos over still pictures or the printed word. It is easy to recognize that services like Video Car Lot place the future of the brick and mortar dealership at risk.

The automotive advertising vendors and applications featured as either “preferred vendors” or invited guests on the blog talk radio shows cover every element of the real world selling processes. LeadConverter provides a meeting / greeting and an initial T.O. to site visitors 24/7 accomplished by their fully staffed pro-active chat and click to call feature. Ai Dealer installs a “self serve” desking tool and online transaction process that works like a “virtual shopping cart” allowing a customer to buy a new or pre-owned vehicle online without the help – or interference – of a high pressure salesperson. The list goes on with automotive advertising vendors and related services offering diverse solutions to common real and virtual world problems including NeoSynergy, eBayMotors.Com, DealMaker.Com, ADP, BZ Results, Gumiyo, DrivingSales.Com, SmartWomenBuyCars.Com, CarFolks.Com, Reora, AdTel, NADA-24 and a number of others waiting their turn to address the portal’s growing audience of automotive advertising decision makers that include automotive advertising agencies and auto dealers as well as representatives for O.E.M’s and dealer automotive advertising associations.

For additional information on Ad Agency Online, L.L.C. and their unique full service advertising services or to join the online automotive advertising resource/networking portal, AdAgencyOnline.Net, visit www.adagencyonline.net or contact Philip Zelinger directly at 1-888-796-2228. To quote Philip Zelinger, “Help is only a click away!”

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