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AdAgencyOnline.Net Links Online Automotive Advertising with Conventional Media

Despite comments to the contrary, automotive advertising hasn’t changed because of the Internet. Auto Dealers are certainly more demanding when it comes to R.O.I. for their automotive advertising dollars but automotive advertising hasn’t changed because people haven’t changed.

The one element that survives from the “Real World Showroom” of today onto the “Virtual Showroom” of today and tomorrow is human nature. Human nature is a constant which must be addressed when analyzing and developing an automotive advertising strategy. The things that have changed are the technology and methods of delivering the message. That shift in media is what is driving some automotive advertising agencies out of business along with their “technology challenged” auto dealer clients.

Philip Zelinger, President of AdAgencyOnline.Net – a FREE Automotive Advertising Resource Portal and online network of independent affiliated automotive advertising agencies – has drawn on his 25+ year retail auto industry career as a general manager and auto dealer principal to have the confidence to “talk the tough talk” with his auto dealer clients and affiliated automotive advertising agencies. Many auto dealers have blamed their automotive advertising agencies for suggesting Internet plans or applications that either didn’t perform or were left idle when the manager that suggested them resigned. Mr. Zelinger places the blame on the auto dealer who tolerated the waste by not installing and following processes enhanced by the applications and sticking to the plan while tracking R.O.I. to monitor and manage the results.

Mr. Zelinger took a firm stance on his solution to improving market share and improving R.O.I. in a down market for his affiliated automotive advertising agencies and auto dealer clients, “Automotive advertising hasn’t changed because people haven’t changed. We still need to fish where the fish are biting and the Internet is the best fishing hole out there! As cash poor auto dealers tighten their conventional automotive advertising budgets automotive advertising agencies are challenged to find FREE or leveraged resources to maintain a consistent message when the competition leaves the playing field. It would be difficult to steal market share from established auto dealers who are still “buying” the market through radio, TV, print and direct mail. The magic of the Internet is that it can level the playing field through networking sites – like AdAgencyOnline.Net – that provide FREE resources with best practices applied through cutting edge technologies and applications. The result is the ability for an auto dealer to blur the line between the real and the virtual showroom where traffic has increased while the real world shorooms stand idle. Our featured vendors, like LeadConverter, LaserStream Video, Ai Dealer, Kihon Media, BZ Results, CarFolks.Com, BZ Results, JL Media and Gumiyo build on proven real world processes and tracking the R.O.I. is always a click away!”

Automotive advertising agencies have been linking with AdAgencyOnline.Net as “The Ultimate Outsourcing Tool For Automotive Advertising Agencies, and Auto Dealer Clients” since 2001. Their recent focus on auto industry vendors platformed on their free automotive advertising resource networking portal known as “The One Stop Site For All Of Your Auto Dealership’s Needs.” has developed new opportunities not envisioned in their originla busines plan, as explained by Mr. Zelinger, “Our online blog talk radio station, WAAOL – All Automotive Advertising All The Time – is just one of many venues on our portal to share best practices with automotive advertising experts. Our offer to provide FREE creative and account consultations is the best way to plead our case to auto dealers regarding their need to realize that they don’t know – what they don’t know! Our job as an automotive advertising agency has matured from placing media, presenting creative and providing production to consultations on integrating process on the real and the virtual showroom. The conventional media message must match the message on both the real and the virtual showroom and it is our continued role to monitor and manage all investments to maximize R.O.I.”�

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