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AdAgencyOnline.Net Platforms NeoSynergy On FREE Automotive Advertising Portal

Automotive advertising is evolving from hard sell radio, TV and newspaper ads into consumer friendly messages delivered over the Internet.

AdAgencyOnline.Net has focused on cutting edge technologies and applications to present to their affiliated automotive advertising agencies through a FREE automotive advertising resource portal known as the “One Stop Site For All Of Your Auto Dealership’s Needs.” The site, www.adagencyonline.net, has featured many new applications but few of them have enjoyed the rapid growth and acceptance of NeoSynergy.

NeoSynergy had already developed a platform for their “Best Deals” application on AOL Auto but a recent press release has announced a new relationship with Google that promises to exponentially increase their recognition in the automotive advertising arena. David Wassmann, President of NeoSynergy explained the new shared opportunity for their auto dealer clients, “”By leveraging existing Google technology, we are able to dramatically increase the value of Best Deals for our subscribers,” says Wassmann.. “This is the benefit of utilizing a ‘Software as a Service’ solution. We are able to introduce new features and enhancements without requiring our customers to download updates, or invest in new software packages. Neosynergy’s Buy Direct application is exactly what consumers say they want — a convenient means to shop for the best deals available, without having to drive around town or the state to find them,” said Wassmann. “The dealers’ best prices come to them via Best Deals and they can initiate the transaction, using Buy Direct, at their leisure.”

Philip Zelinger, President of AdAgencyOnline.Net, has interviewed David Wassmann and George Stellweg from NeoSynergy on his blog talk radio show, Lunch With Phil” aired on WAAOL – All Automotive News All The Time” . NeoSynergy, Inc., based in Bloomfield Hills, Mich,, is a provider of Web-based enterprise automotive retail management, automotive advertising and e-commerce software and services to the automotive industry. NeoSynergy’s suite of products — Best Deals, Buy Direct and Darwin XE — enable manufacturers, service providers, dealers and consumers to be linked in real time via the Internet to seamlessly conduct vehicle, parts and service transactions. NeoSynergy’s products allow dealers of all sizes to improve operational efficiency, generate revenue and consolidate accounting across multiple locations, franchises and system services.

Other vendors featured on the FREE automotive advertising resource portal include LeadConverter, LaserStream Video, Gumiyo, BZ Results, Ai Dealer, Kihon Media and CarFolks.Com. Their common thread is their unique methods of taking automotive advertising onto the Internet Super Highway as recognized by AdAgencyOnline.Net

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