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AutoRevo Now Offering VideoCarLot Services from SiSTeR Technologies

DALLAS, Jan. 31, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — SiSTeR Technologies, a provider of applications and hosted services for the automated creation and management of multimedia marketing content for online retail and mobile environments, today announced that AutoRevo, one of the fastest growing dealer websites and Internet Marketing companies, will offer SiSTeR Technologies’ VideoCarLot solution as part of its PowerSites website program.  

Chad Polk, the CEO of AutoRevo said, “The VideoCarLot product provides AutoRevo clients with a low-cost, automated system that converts photos and text of vehicle inventory into dynamic videos with music, special effects and voiceovers. This provides online shoppers with a more enjoyable experience and has been found to increase dealer showroom traffic. In fact 59% of online shoppers are watching videos, 22% of those watching a video requested more information, and 15% made a purchase.”

The PowerSites program currently offers custom graphics, optimized page elements, unlimited custom pages, inventory, and photos.  With VideoCarLot products AutoRevo clients will have the ability to utilize any of this functionality:

  • TrueVoice real human voice vehicle descriptions
  • Ability to push vehicle videos to YouTube Channels in wide screen format
  • Video Search Engine Optimization (vSEO)
  • vSHOC video showcase plug-in for Facebook and direct links from YouTube.
  • 3rd party distribution to auto networks like AutoTrader, eBay, and Cars.com
  • VidBrid – Includes the Dealer’s branding, CPO, vehicle history and full motion video insert
  • Mobile website integration

Israel Alpert, the CEO of SiSTeR Technologies also shared, “AutoRevo offers innovative website product for dealers, and that means our cutting edge video technology meshes smoothly with their offering for dealers.”  He continued, “We’ve just been awarded a US patent that covers the automated production of video files from still images, text and pre-recorded audio.”

According to Mr. Alpert this technology is the key for generating high quality, high volume and low cost video walk-arounds by eliminating the need for expensive and tedious process of manual editing and voice synchronization and that really makes things easier for dealers.”

While the technology is widely used in the automotive market space, the video process can be incredibly useful in any sales environment.  SiSTeR technologies began development of the patented technology several years ago and those efforts have made them the premier provider of automatically produced multi-media with combined video and audio. For additional information on the SiSTeR video products call 972-855-3500 or visit www.sister.tv.

About SiSTeR Technologies:

SiSTeR Technologies, based in Dallas, TX  is the premier provider of automated video production, distribution and vSEO for auto retailers, manufacturers, and industry partners.  SiSTeR provides its clients  with cutting edge video marketing solutions that integrate easily into existing online and mobile platforms including third party sites, YouTube, Google and Facebook. 

SiSTeR developed the Pic2Vid process that creates video using still images and TrueVoice™ technology several years ago and has been licensing it to many resellers and business partners since 2005.  Recently, SiSTeR was awarded a US patent that covers the automated production of video files from still images, text and pre-recorded audio eliminating the need for laborious manual process. Contact Information:  Call 972-855-3500 or visit www.sister.tv.

About AutoRevo:

AutoRevo is a technology company based in Dallas, TX providing auto retailers with dealer websites, internet marketing, inventory management software, and mobile solutions. With over 800 clients nationwide, AutoRevo is the premier provider of on-demand software for automotive dealerships marketing and selling cars online. Contact:  888-311-7386 or visit www.autorevo.com

 SOURCE SiSTeR Technologies

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