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The PSHQ Entrepreneur Interviews Lori Axler for ProblemSolutionHQ

ProblemSolutionHQ is conducting open interviews for potential Social Media/Marketing partners on their sponsored blog talk radio show, “The PSHQ Entrepreneur”. Scott Davis and Philip Zelinger co-hosted an interview with Lori Axler which provided some great insights in Social Marketing and best practices for launching new software products using social media.

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Driving Loyalty’s Data Base Marketing Can Promote Social Media Beyond Facebook’s Paid Ads And Newly Limited Organic Search

Automotive advertising agencies are dealing with recent changes on Facebook that limit organic search to power messages posted in their social networking community. In today’s Lunch With Phil show I discussed old school best practices that delivered consistent creative across multiple media and channels to increase the reach, frequency and most importantly retention of message. This practice can be applied to social media to compensate for now limited organic search and expensive paid advertisements.

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Social Marketing Starts At Home

Social marketing may be the next best thing but, like all successful next generation solutions, it is built on the foundation of proven old school wisdoms. Word of mouth advertising pre-dates today’s technology driven social marketing as a proven way to build a business. The fact that people like to do business with people they like and that trust is the foundation for any transaction is a reflection of human nature which is the basis for long term business relationships.

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