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Dealer.Com Announces New Marketing Push On AdAgencyOnline.Net’s Automotive Advertising Experts Blog Talk Radio Show

AdAgencyOnline.Net hosts a blog talk radio station – WAAOL, All Automotive Advertising News All The Time – that reviews cutting edge automotive advertising technologies and vendor applications. Philip Zelinger, the President of Ad Agency Online, L.L.C., (AAOL), and host of WAAOL invited Mike DeCecco, the Director of Industry Relations for Dealer.Com., for a follow up interview on the “Automotive Advertising Experts” show that will air on WAAOL this Friday, August 1st 2009.

Philip sited the following remarks from Mike that prompted him to update his online audience of automotive advertising agencies, auto dealers and O.E.M. representatives on the new marketing push being promoted by Dealer.Com. “Recently we have had tremendous success with OEM and Manufacturer marketing programs. We have effectively been able to bridge the gap between Tier 1 and the Tier 3 dealer network where transactions are actually occurring. We’re doing this through a combination of dealer websites and SEO / SEM strategies. It’s a new and different approach than the way Manufacturers have traditionally gotten their message out through the dealer body and it’s working beautifully.”

Mike also forwarded the following press release that will be discussed on Friday’s Automotive Advertising Experts show in an open forum with automotive advertising agencies and auto dealers anxious to listen and learn from Philip and Mike discussing best practices being applied by Dealer.Com.

Dealer.com Announces Strategic Internet Marketing Platform Updates to Increase Visibility and First-Party Lead Generation for Automotive Dealers

July 13, 2009 – BURLINGTON, VT – Dealer.com, the global leader of online marketing solutions for the automotive industry, today announced strategic updates to their proprietary full spectrum Internet marketing solution. These updates boost search engine and online visibility, resulting in increased first-party lead generation. The latest offerings include video optimization, social media links, advanced search engine marketing and more. As automotive consumers increasingly spend time online, successful automotive retail sales requires continuous enhancements to keep dealerships in front of shoppers. The combination of Dealer.com's latest updates maximizes first-party leads for Dealer.com clients. These leads are the most valuable to dealers because they are the least expensive to acquire and tend to close at high rates.

As millions of automotive consumers search for vehicles online every day, dealership information must appear in front of them – where ever they are online. Relevant, first page search engine rankings, both paid search (SEM) and organic search (SEO), are imperative. Further, as consumers spend significant time on social media sites, Dealer.com now offers direct links from dealership websites to leading networking sites such as FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace. In addition, CarFlix vehicle videos are now indexable, which improves organic search engine results. Videos are also optimized, enabling yet another opportunity for placement on first page search results. These video links on Google send users directly to the video on the dealership’s website, instead of third-party sites like YouTube; again increasing the likelihood the dealer will generate a higher quality and measurable lead. Dealer.com also now offers more dynamic vehicle page creation for all used vehicles. Depending on the dealership, this can include 1,000s of dynamically generated pages for all pre-owned inventory. The new managed SEO service also increases relevancy and organic search engine rankings and saves the dealership potentially thousands every month on payroll by having Dealer.com do their optimization, rather than a third party. When combined, all services and features help dealers dominate the first page of search engine results and maximum overall online visibility.

“Today, success is all about owning the first page of search results,” commented Dean Evans, Dealer.com CMO. “That is where the vast majority of shoppers find what they are looking for online. Our strategic focus is to help dealers get the best rankings and be in front of automotive consumers where they are online. This includes social media sites, where consumers of all ages, increasingly spend more time. Ultimately, our actions are aimed at helping dealers generate more first-party leads. These leads, from the dealership’s own website, have the highest close rates of all lead sources.”

For additional press releases regarding Dealer.Com’s new marketing push go to http://www.dealer.com/company/press.htm .

About Mike DeCecco

Mike DeCecco is an ideal spokesperson for Dealer.Com. Mike is an industry veteran who has worked in the automotive business for over a decade with companies such as Manheim Auto Auctions and AutoTrader.com. Since 2003, Mike has been a key person in the development of Dealer.com – a leading provider of eMarketing solutions for the automotive industry. In his current capacity as the Director of Industry Relations for Dealer.com he speaks as an authority on automotive internet practices at conferences and conventions nationwide. Mike is considered by many to be one of the most dynamic speakers in the country.

Prior to working for Dealer.com Mike managed the internet business for one of the largest dealer groups in the country, the Lia Auto Group. At Lia, Mike managed approximately 30 rooftops with 11 franchises in New York alone.

About Philip Zelinger

Philip Zelinger is the President of Ad Agency Online, LLC and founder of AdAgencyOnline.Net. He invested 25 years as a General Manager and Dealer Principal followed by his last ten years in the automotive advertising industry learning from the teams that he built so he can now presume to teach on forums like AdAgencyOnline.Net. His role as a “Dealer Coach” is enhanced by his hosting a nationally recognized auto industry social networking portal and blog talk radio station – WAAOL, All Automotive Advertising News All The Time. As the author of two books on the auto industry, including “How To Sell A Car – a Career Guide to The Automobile Industry,” he is a recognized authority on market trends and developing technologies with the responsibility of selecting key vendors and applications for his dealer clients as well as forming strategic partnerships for his vendor clients to leverage their shared resources to help them bring their products and services to market.

About AdAgencyOnline.Net and Ad Agency Online, L.L.C.

AdAgencyOnline.Net reviews automotive advertising vendors and new technologies on several blog talk radio shows in addition to the Lunch With Phil Discussing Automotive Advertising. Other shows include “Lunch With Ralph Discussing Automotive Advertising” and “Automotive Advertising Experts.” The shows attract automotive advertising agencies, auto dealers, auto industry vendors and O.E.M. representatives that listen to WAAOL to find vendors, applications and technologies to maximize the R.O.I. for their automotive advertising dollars.

AAOL is a national network of independent affiliated automotive advertising agencies linked by an online communication / distribution system developed by Philip Zelinger. The proprietary operating system that powers AAOL was designed to reduce fixed and semi-variable expenses for full service automotive advertising agencies. The developing technologies that enhanced the performance of the independent automotive advertising agencies linked by AAOL has served as the role model for the solutions suggested on AdAgencyOnline.Net and represented by AAOL to their affiliated automotive advertising agencies when serving their auto dealer clients.

Ad Agency Online L.L.C is focused on discovering and representing new automotive advertising vendors not yet recognized by the mainstream automotive advertising industry. Recent automotive advertising vendors represented by AAOL include; Argistics – AutoTransaXion, EveryCarListed.Com, DealMaker.Com, CityTwist.Com, Bulldog Marketing Technologies, LeadConverter, Gumiyo, Kihon Media, CarFolks.Com, Ai Dealer, NeoSynergy and Laser Stream Video; to name a few.

For more information on Philip Zelinger, Ad Agency Online, L.L.C., Dealer.Com or any of the preferred automotive advertising vendors previously reviewed on WAAOL, auto dealers and automotive advertising agencies should contact Philip through AdAgencyOnline.Net. Automotive advertising vendors, automotive advertising agencies and auto dealers that would like to be considered as a “preferred automotive advertising vendor” on AdAgencyOnline.Net and/or to hire/join Ad Agency Online, L.L.C. can contact Philip Zelinger at pzads@bellsouth.net, call him at 888-796-2228 or visit AdAgencyOnline.Net at https://adagencyonline.net. To quote Philip Zelinger, “Help is only a click away!” ###

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