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IntellaCar Launches Mobile Sales Presentation Platform – Starting With Toyota Dealers

THOUSAND OAKS, CA, JANUARY 31, 2011 – IntellaCar, LLC announced today the nationwide launch of IntellaCar™. IntellaCar is an innovative mobile sales presentation and training tool that revolutionizes the car sales experience for both dealerships and consumers. Toyota Dealers are the first franchise to be offered this game-changing platform.

IntellaCar empowers Sales Consultants with a one-stop source of information using an intuitive interface that is optimized to help them make the sale within their existing sales process. It includes product features/benefits, walkarounds, competitive comparisons, technology demonstrations, third-party reviews and more. The information is prioritized and aggregated using IntellaCar’s proprietary Optimized Information Delivery system, based on customer purchase motivations and summarized for a quick read during the sale. The accurate, unbiased information gives customers a better understanding of the vehicle and a more confident, gratifying purchase experience. For dealerships, the differentiating dealer-specific content, such as inventory and “Why Buy Here,” provides a further competitive edge. IntellaCar’s mobile platform runs on iPhone, iPad and iTouch, enabling it to be used anywhere, in or out of the dealership.

Results from the IntellaCar pilot tests at various Toyota Dealerships were outstanding, and dealers have been extremely pleased with their IntellaCar experience. Mike Shum, General Manager at Sunnyvale Toyota, says, “The three things that IntellaCar has brought to the team are 1) the speed with which they can deliver information to the consumer that is relevant, precise and accurate, 2) its mobility doesn’t limit them to sitting at a sales station and 3) it helps new sales people acclimate to the product knowledge they’re going to need a lot faster.”

IntellaCar was created by a passionate team of automotive marketing specialists with decades of experience in developing OEM and dealership solutions, led by Co-Founders Jim Hughes and Bruce Polkes. Their expertise in simplifying the complex and facilitating the sales flow, so critical in today’s world of information overload, was honed at Hughes Hunter, Inc. an automotive marketing firm. IntellaCar is committed to improving the customer experience of purchasing a new vehicle, while empowering the sales consultant to assist today’s educated consumer. For more information, contact Jim Hughes at (805) 241-5000 or info@IntellaCar.Com; or visit www.IntellaCar.Com. ###

IntellaCar FAQ’s:

What is IntellaCar?

  • IntellaCar is a sales presentation platform that resides on an iPad, iPhone or iTouch – providing the Sales Consultant with instant access to information, such as walk around. features/benefits, technology videos, competitive comparisons, inventory, and more.
  • Due to the mobile device, the sales consultant can access this information wherever and whenever he/she needs it during the sale – even without a connection. It enables them to build value in a vehicle and simplify the complexities – all without leaving the customer.
  •  Relevant information is organized and prioritized based on the customer’s individual stated needs; actually re-sorting the data to maximize relevancy.

When is it used?

  • It is used during the actual sale, to share unbiased facts with the customer, or the SC can just look up something.
  • The flow is  based on best practices, but it is not structured scripts. It’s designed to synchronize with the sales process from the sales consultant’s perspective, yet is flexible as every situation is different.

Why is it valuable to the sales consultant and the customer.

  • It empowers the sales consultant to assist today’s educated consumer; enhancing credibility, building trust and engaging  the buyer. It enhances values, so there is less focus on price.
  • The sales consultant has complete control and access to everything they need to earn the customer’s trust and business … in that order!
  • In the end, INTELLACAR delivers a more efficient, effective and engaging sales experience, where the customer can make a confident purchasing decision.

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