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The PSHQ Entrepreneur Interviews Laurie Hurley For ProblemSolutionHQ



ProblemSolutionHQ, (PSHQ) is looking for a Social Media/Marketing Partner on their Blog Talk Radio show, “The PSHQ Entrepreneur.”  Jake Davis and Philip Zelinger had an informative discussion with Laurie Hurley that is worth downloading to learn some of the discussed best practices for launching a new business using Social Media.

Laurie Hurley is the CEO of The Social Networking Navigator, a full-service social media marketing company. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs and start-ups overcome the overwhelm, anxiety, and confusion of successfully having an online and digital presence.

Having been in Corporate America for over 20 years, combined with her experience as a serial entrepreneur since the late 1990’s, Laurie has the right combination of skills, expertise, and passion for all things social.

Today’s show focuses on how entrepreneurs and startups who are launching a new idea, app, product, or service can use social media effectively, without getting sucked into the vacuum of the online universe.

Questions Laurie will address about the PSHQ Launch:

  • How does social media play into a successful launch?
  • What online marketing advice would you give a budding entrepreneur that sees a problem, creates a solution, and wants to tell the world about it?
  • With so many social sites out there, how does a company decide where to be online – isn’t that kind of time-consuming?
  • One of our favorite things to say is: “Work ON your business, not IN it!” What are your recommendations to really achieve this – it sounds good, but seems like it would be difficult. Can you give us three solid suggestions related to this?
  • What is your philosophy about selling online? Is it appropriate, expected, necessary, i.e. is social media the perfect place to pitch one’s product or service?
  • Finally, as you know, PSHQ will be catering to recent college graduates and truly believes in “paying it forward.” How can our presence on social media support our philosophy?

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