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The PSHQ Entrepreneur Interviews Lori Axler for ProblemSolutionHQ

ProblemSolutionHQ is conducting open interviews for potential Social Media/Marketing partners on their sponsored blog talk radio show, “The PSHQ Entrepreneur”.  Scott Davis and Philip Zelinger co-hosted an interview with Lori Axler which provided some great insights in Social Marketing and best practices for launching new software products using social media.

About Lori Axler

Lori Axler is a digital marketing consultant with 20 years of experience specializing in product innovation, strategic development and planning, advertising, and market research. She has spent her career working for Fortune 500 brands at both Manhattan advertising agencies as well as a marketing executive in-house for Ogilvy & Mather, HAVAS Worldwide/Euro RSCG, GlaxoSmithKline, DHL Express, Pulte Homes, U.S. Olympic Committee, and Major League Baseball.

She now works as an independent consultant at Brand You LLC, offering an insightful perspective from working on both client and agency sides of the business (Brandyouadvertising.com). Lori has also developed Sunshine State of Mind, a helpful resource site customized for Baby Boomers who live and play part-time or full-time in South Florida at Sunshinestateofmind.com.

Discussion on recommendations to launch PSHQ:

I left the corporate world of Fortune 500s in return for more rewarding opportunities helping small businesses succeed in launching new products, building brand awareness, and generating sales. I provide clients with agency-level marketing support without the costs and bureaucracies that accompany many agency relationships. As a small business owner myself who provides marketing solutions to small business entrepreneurs, it is very exciting to learn about a new product line that can serve as THE go-to stop for all of their integrated software solutions. I see many small business owners challenged with day-to-day inventory and equipment tracking. They also struggle with scheduling conflicts among their staff, and spend extensive amounts of time learning software programs that only solve one of their business management issues. A complete integrated solution customized to specific industry needs and developed exclusively by experts within those related fields is quite revolutionary for the small business world.

This new product line needs to be introduced with an education message that communicates the products’ end benefits, and showcases the software as accessible, user-friendly, and affordable. The consumer mindset needs to shift to understand that this new line of innovative products is something they need to take a proactive role in the growth and success of their business.

Marketing tactics to develop interest, engagement, and possible pre-sales would include:

  • Utilizing existing database of customers and contacts to communicate through email marketing to drive traffic to product website where customers can pre-order and learn how the product will benefit them.
  • Creating social media channels will be the smartest, most cost-efficient way to reach the target audiences in a personal space online where they connect with like-minded groups of people.
  • Develop relevant content to post on a regular basis.
  • Run targeted ads on social media to promote pre-order sales and build a loyal following of early adopters.
  • Start a “Teaser” campaign by giving the idea of something coming up without actually telling them what it is.
  • Offer contests to help build anticipation and create buzz before launch. (free month trial of the PSHQ for B-to-B prospective customers; interview on “The Entrepreneur for the next generation student target).
  • Create memorable, unique and catchy hashtags/buzz phrase to help categorize the product and help users find more information.
  • Visit online groups undercover to casually mention the product.
  • Start a group page sponsored by PSHQ would be designed as a place for members build connections, share dialogue and resources, and will position PSHQ as a credible industry leader.
  • Custom website audience retargeting on Facebook.
  • Create educational videos which will showcase how easily the applications work across a variety of business sectors and leave the viewer wondering how their business could even function without implementing this software solution. These videos will be shared on the website, social media pages, Youtube promotion.
  • Attain endorsements by providing free trial or sending product informational video to relevant bloggers, reporters, and product reviewers that serve as influencers to the target audiences.
  • Build a pre-launch audience that’s invested in product through email marketing to existing customers and via social media.
  • Email marketing sign-ups on website and social media pages for product updates and promotions.
  • Search engine marketing through hyper targeted search terms and AdWords remarketing lists for search ads.
  • Post content to site to attract search engines and new visitors using keywords that customers would use to search.
  • Blog about the progress of development to generate excitement and build a buzz around the impending launch.
  • Conduct online research for a quick and affordable way to gain an understanding of consumer insights into how the product fits into their work lifestyle, what areas they need solutions for, and to validate the price point, packaging, and product messaging in a way that is relevant to the audience.

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