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The PSHQ Entrepreneur Interviews Mike Middendorp – A Multi-Unit Pizza ranch Restaurant Owner/Operator

Today’s PSHQ Entrepreneur features an interview by its Hosts, Scott Davis and Philip Zelinger, with Mike Middendorp, a successful multi-unit Pizza Ranch Owner/Operator.

Mike started his career as a Pastry Chef with little more than his culinary skills and personal drive to succeed.  He joined Pizza Ranch as the Manager of a restaurant in LeMars, Iowa that he eventually purchased.

Mike was later joined by his brother Matt who took over the LeMars facility freeing up Mike to acquire a second Pizza ranch in Clinton, Iowa.  The brothers turned the failed Clinton location into a successful operation through their hard work.

The successful duo eventually sold their LeMars location and opened a new facility in Bettendorf, Iowa with continued success in both their Clinton and Bettendorf locations.  Mike proudly takes care of operations and supervises all managers and employees while maintaining profitable standards and systems earning the Franchisee of the year in 2009 and Food Quality Awards in 2013 and 2014

Mike answered several questions posed by Scott during the interview along with sharing some of the stories that lead to his success.  More importantly, Mike told the audience how they can succeed too!

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