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The PSHQ Entrepreneur Interviews Peter Sperry – Founder of Redpoint Rack, LLC and Co-Founder of ProblemSolutionHQ, LLC


The PSHQ Entrepreneur scheduled for August 12th. 2015 at 12 Noon EST features Co-Hosts Jake Davis and Philip Zelinger interviewing Peter Sperry, the founder of Redpoint Rack, LLC and Co-Founder and visionary behind ProblemSolutionHQ

Peter Sperry describes himself as the Owner and Chief Cook and Bottle Washer at the software company he founded, Redpoint Rack LLC, based out of Hugo, MN.  His self-assigned job description varies with the day, but includes software development, testing, and customer service. Although he confided that his young children define his job as “being on the phone.”

Redpoint Rack’s branding line is “Software development meets real life.” They launched 8 software application products in 2015 that targeted real world business problems with efficient technology based solutions. Redpoint Rack spent the last decade working with start-ups and companies and they developed an approach that blends the fast and responsive software development life cycle with proven and robust methodologies.

His newest venture with Scott Davis and partners, ProblemSolutionHQ, follows a similar logic with a branding line “Paying it forward one business at a time.”  PSHQ is a software company developing “Apps” designed to surface and solve universal business problems.  Their initial product launch includes, My Time To Work, Track My Assets, CallTracker and their most robust platform PSHQ Commerce.

Jake and Philip will ask Peter to describe each of these groundbreaking business platforms.  Peter will also share his secrets for success for entrepreneurs anxious to follow in his footsteps.

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